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  1. I haven’t heard anything on Tim Grice. He would make a nice addition.
  2. Yoe will have their QB and RB returning. That’s always helpful on offense. They will be solid at the skilled positions. Yoe’s issues is if they can come up with solid kids on the O-line and the D-line. They need to stay healthy. Injuries really hit them hard at the end last year. Just like last season Yoe will most likely be competing for that 2nd seed in district behind Franklin but stranger things could happen.
  3. Jackson is returning on both sides of the ball. He’s a man amongst boys. Jackson also has a younger brother that should help. I understand they have a move in QB from Rockdale. He’s a pretty good athlete. Lionpride will chime in. My bet is the Lion’s will be a heavy favorite to 3 peat.
  4. Anytime you bring back two D1 running backs (Washington & Jackson) I believe Franklin had a core base returning.
  5. The results show just how tough this region is. You have to bring it every week to advance. Congrats to West.
  6. Congrats to Troy, Little River Academy, Cameron Yoe and Lorena for their bi districts victories over District 20. Great win for #4 in district 19 Lorena over favorite Franklin. Cameron Yoe’s walk off win over Fairfield in game 3. 1-0
  7. We all are praying that the prognosis is not what he is expecting. Coach Koetting and his family desire better. We all need to enjoy today. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Wishing you the best Coach.
  8. Westphalia ISD is K through 8th grade only. They play 6 man football with their 6th-8th grade boys. Usually a 6 or 8 game schedule. The district does not recognize his position as an AD. Athletics just falls under his assigned duties as an administrator. His main assignment at Westphalia was the principal position.
  9. Former HC/AD at Cameron Yoe Tommy Brashear was hired for the same position at Troy. Brashear and the Trojans will face the Yoemen in a 11-3a district matchup. The Trojans will also face the State Champion Franklin Lions. One of the toughest districts in 3a. Brashear has been out of coaching for the last 2 years.
  10. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say. The 2023 3a d1 state champion will come out of district 11.
  11. Tommy Psencik File Head Coach Hallettsville: 13 seasons, 118-45 record, 11 playoff appearances Yoakum 1 season, 5-6 record, 1 playoff appearance Overall: 123-51 record, 12 playoff appearances, 1 state final berth Assistant Coach Texas State (graduate assistant), Laredo Martin, East Bernard, Yoakum, Victoria Memorial, Hallettsville Wishing him the best. Always had his teams prepared. The Brahamas and the Yoemen had some epic battles in the playoffs.
  12. As long as Franklin has the “Presidents” Washington & Jackson running the ball. Give me the Lions.
  13. My guess is that Franklin has the 2 best running back tandem in 3a. The presidents. The sophomore (Jackson #1) is on his way being the best back if not already. Jackson will be a recruited D1 running back. The senior (Washington#15) who is headed to Baylor, recruited to play defense could easily be a running back at the next level. Offensively and defensively Franklin is a very physical bunch. You better be ready to play 4 full quarters.
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