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  1. I’ve been around the Yoemen for years. I do not ever recall a freshmen class not having enough kids to field a team for them to safely play a schedule. This is very concerning.
  2. Are the numbers showing a possibility that Yoe may not have a Freshmen team? Combined JV/Freshmen schedule.
  3. What were last seasons numbers? That number seems low compared to the past.
  4. I agree about LRA. I believe they will be a handful. If they stay healthy. The QB for LRA is the real deal. That offense will be legit. Now the defense will be the question mark for LRA. That school district is growing with Temple folks moving over that direction. The next 2 years will be their final in 3a d1.
  5. 09, How much longer will the Rockdale administration hang in there with Campsey? I believe another subpar season and a loss to the Yoemen could start the rumblings.
  6. Another great job 09 with the early poll. District 11 3a has 4 teams in your top 20. Two teams Lorena and Franklin 1 & 2. Little River Academy at 9 and the Yoemen at 18. 09 no mention of the Rockdale Tigers anywhere. I would think they should be better this upcoming season.
  7. Sapp was the AD and hired Scott Holder. Holder grew up in Thorndale and graduated from A&M. I believe Sapp gave him his first job. Holder is the head baseball coach now at Ponder. He spent I believe around 18 years at A&M Consolidate. Where Holder won a state baseball championships. So an assistant under him should be an excellent hire. Only time will tell.
  8. I think he’s already has left. What I understand Rhoades needs to hire about 10 new coaches. That includes Junior High too for the upcoming school year. These larger school districts are poaching coaches from smaller districts. The smaller districts just can’t match the salaries. Not enough coaches staying in the profession any longer.
  9. Drake, who was the backup last season. Team consisted mostly of Last seasons JV & Freshman players. Rhoades is coaching these boys up.
  10. Former DC went to Magnolia. Hired the co/dc from Halletsville. Yoe’s 7on 7 team went undefeated Saturday and beat Lorena in the championship game to qualify for the state 7on7 tournament.
  11. What I understand it’s a good hire. He was the co-defensive coordinator there at Halletsville. He’ll bring more energy and experience. On another note a very talented Hemphill has left the Cameron program. Rumor is that he has enroll at Academy.
  12. I wish you nothing but the best in your next venture. Discipline starts at home. Unfortunately the discipline that needs to be administered no longer exist. Now a days discipline at home is “time out” which is laughable. I don’t blame any educator/coach leaving the profession these days. God bless you all that do stay around.
  13. Not exactly ready for that. Heard also of a couple of other candidates that are a possibility. There is an issue within the coaching and education profession right now that is very concerning. There are allot of good educators/coaches leaving the profession. Sometimes you have to take what’s available. Even if it’s not the best. It’s a damn shame.
  14. Well let’s look at the schedule last season. 2 state champions: Lorena and Franklin. Semi finalist: Lago Vista. Academy 3 rounds deep. 4a Bellville 3 rounds deep. Played a 5A d1 school Lake Belton (9-1) who was not eligible for the playoffs. Numerous injuries through the season. A quarterback with a broken foot playing against Halletsville and still almost pulled off a win. There’s no crawfishing here with the rehiring of Rhoades. He’s got to reinvigorate that 2nd half finishing toughness that has been lost the last few years.
  15. Do you know which games are on the road? Yoakum game is an interesting matchup.
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