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  1. Columbus was just too physical for a depleted Yoe team. Injuries and illnesses caught up with the Yoemen. Congrats to the Yoemen on a season that many didn’t think they would finish no better then 4th. in district. This Yoe fan will be there rooting for the Lions next week. Go and finish your journey to Arlington.
  2. The LRA/Hitchcock game is the interesting one in my opinion. LRA is suppose to be getting their running back, that was hurt earlier in the season back. If LRA is healthy they’ll give Hitchcock all they’ll want. Biles will have Lorena well prepared for Columbus coming off of a bi-week. Franklin will handle Halletsville with that duo of D1 backs. Yoe/Yoakum part 2 maybe a more competitive game. The first meeting was a pretty dominating performance by the Yoemen.
  3. Solid poll as usual 09. Not sure about the strength of schedule from any region 4 team. I’m a little skeptical of the Edna ranking. The Yoakum win over Halletsville was somewhat a surprise. Playoff time can always bring some head scratchers.
  4. LRA defeated McGregor 35-14. Only win McGregor has is over Clifton.
  5. Halletsville win over Hitchcock was a mild upset. That threw that district into a 3 way tie if all 3 win out. My thoughts on the placing. (May need some adjustment) Halletsville 1st. Hitchcock 2nd. Columbus 3rd. Yoakum taking 4th. This district will open with District 11. 1st. Franklin. 2nd. Cameron 3rd. Lorena. 4th. Little River Academy. The playoffs are always an exciting time.
  6. Congrats to the Lions. Franklin took the Yoemen to the wood shed. That sophomore #1 is going to have offers from every D1 college in the nation by the time he’s a senior. Hopefully the Yoemen can regroup and put this loss behind them.
  7. What time does your gate open? This game is getting a lot of attention. There is going to be a crowd. I’m hoping for nice weather.
  8. I would take Bellville heads up. There isn’t many teams with overall size and talent on both sides of the ball. Defensively they are one of the better units I have seen in a while. They have given up just 65 points in 8 games. They definitely would not give up 42 to a 2 win Rockdale team.
  9. Let me start by saying I as a Yoe fan have nothing but respect for the Franklin Lions program. This game will come down to who makes the least mistakes. That includes untimely penalties and turnovers. If you enjoy seeing 2 completely different offensive schemes on display, this is your game. The loser will most likely score a minimum of 50 points. I’m looking forward to this game.
  10. The Yoemen’s QB would easily be a D1 recruit if he was 6-1 instead of 5-8. That kid is deadly accurate and has great velocity on his passes. It doesn’t hurt that he has a slew of skilled position kids to throw to. I understand Brock had a few starters out Friday night but still found a way to win. Lorena is a very good team any other district they would be dominating. Lorena is a top 10 team.
  11. My gut says Lorena. Especially at Lorena. That Waco officiating chapter can be the 12th man. My heart wants Franklin to win. I would like to see Franklin and Cameron meeting with zero loses in district. In saying that Yoe has to take care of Rockdale Friday night. I do not want it to come down to the point system for the district championship. One team could go from 1st to 3rd very easily.
  12. Lorena / Franklin matchup going to be be great. Too close for me to call at this point. CMat I’m going to wait a couple of days to pull the trigger on my pick. I have a feeling the score next Friday will raise some eye brows in 3a.
  13. 09 Yoe/Bulldogs score was 58-21. Not the best offensive performance for the Yoemen but you look up and they’ve put up 58 points. If the Yoemen are hitting on all cylinders they are dangerous. Brock is the odds on favorite in their region. You can’t overlook that scary predistrict schedule. Iron sharpens iron.
  14. 09 you’re pretty much staying the course. Offensively Yoe’s line is getting better weekly. Running, passing who knows what you’ll get. Defensively the line play is coming around nicely. Once they get a few kids back from nagging injuries, let’s just say this district race is getting interesting. If the LRA doesn’t get well quick their season is a wash.
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