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  1. Columbus has pretty good line play and has really committed to being a more dual threatattack on offense. I take it you went an watched Columbus/Madisonville game. What is your opinion of Columbus’ skill players? Comparable to any teams the Yoemen have already played? Understand LRAcademy is down to their fourth running back. Their freshman starter broke his foot. The senior back got thrown off the team because he cussed out the HC about playing time. Then this past Friday against Lorena their new starter broke his foot. Injuries can wreck havoc for these smaller schools with depth issues. Fingers crossed that the Yoemen can stay basically injury free the rest of this season.
  2. Good job as usual 09. I’m with you on Brock. They’re better then that record indicates. I’m not sure if Franklin is the top team in 3a d1. Time will tell.
  3. LRA will have issues with Lorena’s run defense. LRA has a good passing QB and a solid receiving coor. It’ll be interesting to see what adjustments Lorena make in their pass coverage. That lose to the Yoemen did not set well with Biles and the Leopards. Especially on the night they celebrated receiving the Lonestar Cup from the UIL.
  4. Franklin big over Rockdale Troy / McGregor is an interesting game. McGregor in a close one. Lorena/ LRA A Biles lead Leopard team will be on a mission. Leopards take this one by 2 td’s. Yoe with a needed Bye week to get some of those bumps and bruises healed up.
  5. 09 you’re not interested in the Little River Academy/ Lorena game. Being played in Academy. It should be an interesting matchup.
  6. A nice win for the Yoemen. Yoe has an open date and it is what this team needs to get some folks healed up. Looks like we should get some skill guys back on the field for the Little River Academy game. It’s nice seeing Yoe’s QB Drake doing a great job spreading the ball around. District 11 isn’t as cut and dry as some folks may think.
  7. Nice win for the Yoemen. Going on the road and taking down the 3a d1 champs Lorena Leopards.
  8. Franklin is in district 11 3a d1 now with d1 champion Lorena. Gunter will not have the opportunity to meet Franklin at least not in the next 2 years.
  9. 09 I see you are still believer in Brock. They’ll blow thru their district and region fairly easy. At #5 I believe is a little generous especially with the loss to Gunter. Dropping Yoe to 15 is questionable. What I saw down in Bellville was a Brahma team that is going to make some noise in the 4a playoffs. The Brahmas have athletes with size all over the field. That team is definitely better than last years squad. Looking forward to the start of district 11 play.
  10. 09 Give me your assessment of the Brahmas. I know they lost a couple of great skilled players. In your opinion are they as good as they were last year? Who stands out offensively and defensively this year for the Brahmas?
  11. Yoe started out the first half a little shaken defensively. Second half was a different story. Yoe played pretty well offensively even with their top running back and a top receiver out. A typical Rhodes adjustment at half. That was nice to see once again. There are no moral victories but it was an outstanding game. The Cadets have a very talented team. Their skilled positions are the real deal. Speed….Speed…strength and size.
  12. Once again nice job with the poll. What is happening over in Little River Academy? Any insight?Lago Vista loss at home is a head scratcher, especially how the Yoemen handled them.
  13. Had a nice showing out of Yoe fans over in Lago Vista. Majority of that yardage was off of the miscues of a single DB. Yoe out scored the Vikings 28-0 in the third and gave up only 7 in the fourth quarter on a long TD pass which came on the same DB. Yoe only had 3 penalties for the night. Nice opener for the Yoemen offensively against a 4a team coming off a semi-finalist season in 3a.
  14. 09 you do a good job with your polls. I was impressed with the Yoemen. There was huge improvement on the offensive side of the ball for an opener. Defensive line, linebackers played well. Once again there are issues with one of our connerbacks that need to be resolved. The Academy loss to Rogers was a head scratcher. Jim Ned’s loss to Hawley was another surprise. The fun has just started.
  15. Yoe Franklin Academy China Spring Hillsboro Whitney Rockdale
  16. This kid was a starter last season and the leading tackler. Size was not an issue. There has been numerous kids through the years that were able to get academic scholarships while playing. Rhoades just doesn’t put up with these kids crap. It’s nice hearing some coaching and seeing discipline instilled once again in this program.
  17. Give me some insight on what is the reason behind these kids quitting? Was there not a few that decided not to play varsity ball? It doesn’t help that the Yoemen’s best athlete is now playing for Temple this season. What happened to the freshmen QB?
  18. That’s great about the freshmen. I guess my information was incorrect. What was your opinion on the varsity scrimmage?
  19. What I have heard there are only 13 freshmen suited up. As 8th graders they suited up an A and B team last season. Once school starts they may pickup a few more. Yes winning cures all ailments and you will see the numbers increase. Yes Flores is back. He was one of Rhoades first hires last season.
  20. I’ve been around the Yoemen for years. I do not ever recall a freshmen class not having enough kids to field a team for them to safely play a schedule. This is very concerning.
  21. Are the numbers showing a possibility that Yoe may not have a Freshmen team? Combined JV/Freshmen schedule.
  22. What were last seasons numbers? That number seems low compared to the past.
  23. I agree about LRA. I believe they will be a handful. If they stay healthy. The QB for LRA is the real deal. That offense will be legit. Now the defense will be the question mark for LRA. That school district is growing with Temple folks moving over that direction. The next 2 years will be their final in 3a d1.
  24. 09, How much longer will the Rockdale administration hang in there with Campsey? I believe another subpar season and a loss to the Yoemen could start the rumblings.
  25. Another great job 09 with the early poll. District 11 3a has 4 teams in your top 20. Two teams Lorena and Franklin 1 & 2. Little River Academy at 9 and the Yoemen at 18. 09 no mention of the Rockdale Tigers anywhere. I would think they should be better this upcoming season.
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