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  1. Truth, HFC would still be in charge of offseason.
  2. HFC won't have to report to the boys coordinator, he'd just report the supe and HS principal. Looks like that'd reduce any friction if they'd have answer to the baseball coach.
  3. They will have to spend additional money. They'll end up paying 3 people up to 70K to keep the pay competitive for 2 campus coordinators and a HFC, then replace potential teacher/coaches that would possibly be in-house hires if that's the route they choose.
  4. Sounds like an inside man. I've heard rumors of them totally splitting the AD role between girls and boys coordinators.
  5. Doesn't make a lot of sense. This school isn't in Longview or any other large venue, not sure where the funding will come from either. Smartest thing to do would be to hire within.
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