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  1. you hit the target here. again, not a single coach/athletic staff on hiring committee and thats a fact. 6 members, not one current athletic staff. there is a reason coaches leaving here at speed of light. they all have one common denominator in conversation. i hope new guy can tame the issue and keep the issue out of his way and do what is required to grow otherwise we will keep losing good people
  2. No athletic staff is on hiring commitee? Not good
  3. The best companies/programs in the world promote from within. Mathis was loved by some and hated by others. Marshall promoted within and grew. Greidl and the staff there knew the ins and outs to get the things done they needed too.., now promote within again and let that guy grow it more since he knows ins and outs too. big name chasing in Marshall is a waste and never worked there. No big name came in and did great…they became big names after marshall or because of marshall. Give it to the guy who already knows and can build on the momentum already there. Greidl never had Ath dir experience and did more than previous 40 years with all sports..can you imagine if they didn’t promote within do to experience then? Promote from within. My 2 cents. Momentum in place. Kids love him already.. why waste time with an outsider?
  4. Watching it play out this year i think yous wrong on this one. I think this team tried plan a,b,c,d. If yo actually paid attention to games you see that almost every week adjustments made and kids moved around. An easy to say out Rawls kid back there. You ever see Rawls throw a ball? So you go do what they did last year with Savion and get beat in first round again cuz you don’t have a true QB? Rumor mill I heard was he told coaches no way he was playing qb and wasn’t gonna do it. What about having both back up QBs going out with injury after Jacksonville game? Alot of people want to throw slugs at burris... a kid who had more throwin yards than most QBs in Marshalls past and never started a game. A kid who had to hear for a full year how bad he was gonna do from people in this community. As a fan I hate the result but gotta be proud to be a Mav and ain’t gonna get in here and bash the kids or the coaches... ya some changes need to be made but gonna see who stays around. Always a bunch of coaches leave every year in marshall.. and that’s if head coach sticks around to.
  5. last 2 games mavs played a 4 down defense. In 2017 when this class was 9th grade they won 3 games. In 2018 only very few where on the 10-3 team as back up roles. this junior class didnt win a game as freshman. i think these kids still learning how to win and be consistent at it. they never done it before on there own. 9th grade only won 1 game last year as 8th grade and is undefeated this year in district.
  6. Gawwwwd i hope marshall stomps yalls @$$ again next year... this is exactly the ignorance of what people are talking about with WH.
  7. if they hire the baseball coach to be the AD then they won't get anyone worth nothing for the football job...not at that place, when football and baseball already dont jive together. Id imagine spring hill, pine tree, marshall, maybe longview clean up from h-ville move ins if thats the case
  8. Too many chiefs for this to be a good job.... which why no BIG name, or real up and comers will sniff at it, and if they do they back out. Unfortunately, lee has built a reputation on that now.
  9. I don’t think anyone can be a favorite yet. T-High known for underperforming last few years. Pine tree loses 3 stud WRs and much of O-line. Marshall has 9 returning on offense, including 4 o-line and all WRs and RB. Gonna be interesting to see development in all programs until August.
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