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  1. That cat got let out of the bag way back!
  2. No he didn’t, but he interviewed for it. Just curious as to why the AD/HFC and OC are trying to get out.
  3. Scott Ponder interviewed at Farmersville and Reyes is a finalist at Lumberton. What’s the deal over in Center?
  4. Word is Bobby Reyes’ kid is in the mix. I think he’s at Center now as OC.
  5. Not a lot of 2A-D2 schools pushing out college prospects “Talent” is relative - perhaps they aren’t as good as one may think. Everything is filmed, kids have social media pages, coaches talk and college coaches pound the pavement. If a kid is good enough, they’ll get picked up.
  6. I’m surprised the Gator didn’t get more love or attention given all the hullabaloo that was being made at the beginning of this whole escapade
  7. Big Bryan Barbay fan, huh?
  8. Those SETX people normally file a Freedom of Information to get the names published, wonder if any those people East of the Trinity have pulled that trigger?
  9. I don’t doubt that there’s a subdivision being built bu the school. I do however doubt that a lot of people are trying to leave Mont Belvieu. Seems like an area that is growing drastically.
  10. Riordan has officially resigned at Crosby
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