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  1. San Augustine has all starters on offense returning and a quarterback coming to SA with size and an arm. The JV has talented skill players that may be getting the call up, the receiving core is going to be stronger than last years, they aren't losing anyone, and two big JV kids are developing. The most dangerous offense in the district for sure. To me SA is a lock to win and not have competition till at least round 3.
  2. San Augustine | 14-1 Overall Deweyville | 5-5 Overall Groveton | 6-4 Overall Hull-Daisetta | 4-7 Overall Shelbyville | 2-8 Overall West Sabine | 2-8 Overall
  3. Borders is currently on the team, none of us are sure his true intentions as he may wish to preserve his body for SFA. Hoping he may continue to play.
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