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  1. No games have to be forfeited this year.
  2. Would love to know what you know. And the source as well.
  3. Technically, New Diana does not have a AD. The football coach is over football, golf and track.
  4. Can’t speak to that. I do see a lot of athletes working hard and trying to balance a lot today. The sports culture has created this idea that you have to spend a million hours in one sport to be good at it. That itself puts immense pressure on a multi sport athlete.
  5. Kids are encouraged to be multi sport athletes. However, if you make one sport too demanding and interferes with their time to play other sports, these kids will chose to specialize.
  6. All great points. Bottom line an AD needs to be a good administrator and leader. The traditional model may have that combo and to be honest many do not. Just being a good HFC doesnt mean you will be about leading the other coaches or athletes.
  7. The assumption here is that the baseball coach is no more willing to work with the football coach than traditionally the football coach is willing to work with other sports. Maybe the school district is looking to find the best fit for each assignment. When you have the HFC/AD in a small school setting, every time the HFC moves on, there is always jeopardy for all the other HC of the other sports they may lose their job because they are expendable and not wanted on the new staff. That is not fair to the other coaches nor the student athletes. This is "out-of-the-box" and will take a team effort to work, but it could be what's best.
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