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  1. 8 hours ago, mrclean69 said:

    I feel like this gets brought up every year. Brock of course gets brought up but they are the exception not the norm. Also never stripped it from the HFC title since they added football late they just kept it the same. And even their coach eventually left for an AD spot. 

    Edgewood does it and does it in a very weird way where the AD is actually the OC. Prairieland's AD is the Head Basketball coach and if I'm right have actually improved since that move. On the other hand New Diana's is the baseball coach and they are horrible at everything but baseball now.


    At the right place it can work and there are non football guys that would make great ADs. There is this fear that it looks like you are giving up on football being good, and there is truth to the applicants you'd get or that the job becomes a stepping stone to AD jobs. 

    Technically, New Diana does not have a AD.  The football coach is over football, golf and track.   

  2. 38 minutes ago, chubbychecker said:

    When you make one sport a lot less work than others, that causes kids to specialize as well....

    Can’t speak to that.  I do see a lot of athletes working hard and trying to balance a lot today.  The sports culture has created this idea that you have to spend a million hours in one sport to be good at it.  That itself puts immense pressure on a multi sport athlete.  

  3. 6 hours ago, jacket52 said:

    ND vs EF 7pm Thursday at Cumberland Academy 

    ND vs EF 7pm Friday at Cumberland Academy

    ND vs EF 1pm Saturday at Cumberland Academy “ IF NEEDED” 


    should be a fun series both teams know each other well !!!! Go Jackets !!!! 

    Go Eagles 

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  4. 32 minutes ago, NewBallCoach said:

    I'm sure they did their research and asked questions about weightroom philosophy before they "gave" it to the head baseball coach. I know alot of baseball coaches who believe in the weightroom, it's usually the basketball guys that don't believe they need weights. I also didn't say head football coaches don't want other sports to win, but I've also seen HFC/ADs lift other sports heavy on game days and not give a #### about the other coach's sport.

    Maybe this works, maybe it doesn't, but I don't see it being any worse than a traditional AD. I'm not trying to argue, this is just my opinion.

    I guess you could say I've seen friends of mine get screwed a few times, Starting Pitcher jammed finger running routes on game day and couldn't grip a baseball, starting catcher sore from maxing on squat on game day and couldn't move behind the plate, and a leadoff hitter/CF pulling his hamstring running routes on game day.

    Also the it's tougher to win argument doesn't make sense, winning always takes preparation and doesn't come easy.

     And as far as not being able to answer to a coach who's main sport isn't football, well if it's your job to answer to that guy, then you better or you're looking for a new place. Every other coach answers to football coach's and in case some of you didn't know, all coaches don't love football. I love football but not everyone does.

     Also, studies show football numbers are on the way down even in this state. So this may be a growing trend. https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/texas-high-school-football/

    All great points.  Bottom line an AD needs to be a good administrator and leader.  The traditional model may have that combo and to be honest many do not.  Just being a good HFC doesnt mean you will be about leading the other coaches or athletes.  

  5. 20 hours ago, mrclean69 said:

    Football takes way more preparation and time on the head coaches part. Trying to do that and a class would be ridiculous. It has more inventory needs,  most paper work, and is the toughest to win. Its also the easiest to get fired from when you don't produce. Also, I hate the argument that putting someone that is not head football helps "all sports win". That's just stupid. You think a baseball coach will care about all sports more than a football coach? No. He'll care about baseball.

    The assumption here is that the baseball coach is no more willing to work with the football coach than traditionally the football coach is willing to work with other sports.  Maybe the school district is looking to find the best fit for each assignment.  When you have the HFC/AD in a small school setting, every time the HFC moves on, there is always jeopardy for all the other HC of the other sports they may lose their job because they are expendable and not wanted on the new staff.  That is not fair to the other coaches nor the student athletes.  This is "out-of-the-box" and will take a team effort to work, but it could be what's best. 

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