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  1. Isn't that personal trainer that played college ball up in Texarkana the one that tries to talk kids into going to PG? That's what I heard a while back.
  2. With New Boston going 3A D2 that leaves Atlanta, Gladewater, Jefferson, Sabine and White Oak. I'm curious to see how things change.
  3. Oh he "had friends on a previous staff" so he knows all
  4. Aint none of yall give a dang about Plunk or the kids or Atl. Most of yall have an axe to grind or are a hater...either you had "friends on staff" or youre a LK/QC supporter just looking to throw stones. Mad at Atlanta for rushing to judgement and letting Plunk go after going 0-10 but yall all rushing to judghment labeling Atl as a bad job or loser program after a couple bad seasons.
  5. We are. In more than just football, too.
  6. Yea! That'll teach those kids who had nothing to do with it a lesson!
  7. What school do YOU get behind? You're sure highly opinionated about Atlanta
  8. We throw 4 interceptions and fumble 3 times...Bye Week wins by 2 TDs.
  9. I've heard Atlanta is around the same size (480) as last go around. We get a lot of move ins but we also see a lot of kids that move out. Heard Tatum is around 500.
  10. I know New Boston is having a tough season but the Rabbs need a W in the absolute worst way. Especially after last Friday. It may not seem like it but 1-9 is 100% better than 0-10. The only kind of luck and bounces we've had are the bad kind and could really use some of the good mojo this Friday.
  11. I aint trying to trash on QC. I just don't understand why every thread about Atlanta someone has to always bring up Queen City in the comments. They aint talking abot Atl in the QC game threads.
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