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  1. Good info. Thanks for sharing! So I guess what I should say is that I hope the legislature does not change the laws to allow the UIL to implement NIL in Texas! They (Florida HS Athletic Assoc.) changed the “bylaws” in Florida which I’m sure was a huge deal, but if it didn’t involve the Florida legislature then not as big a hurdle for them to make happen. To each his own, but I had just rather see high school kids being that….KIDS playing and enjoying the game of football without the interference and distraction of who is making what for advertising this and such product. At this level it’s definitely A GAME. Let’s not muddy the proverbial waters with that added headache/diversion.
  2. Schedules are complete! I have copied this to the first page/first post of the thread and will keep it updated as the results roll in this season. DISTRICT 11-2A (D2) SCHEDULE ALTO ( 0-0 / 0-0 ) W1 - @ GROVETON W2 - CAYUGA W3 - HULL-DAISETTA (THUR) W4 - @ WINONA W5 - @ CUSHING W6 - GRAPELAND W7 - @ TENAHA W8 - LOVELADY W9 - @ OVERTON W10 - BYE W11 - MT. ENTERPRISE CUSHING ( 0-0 / 0-0 ) W1 - @ COLMESNEIL W2 - @ DEWEYVILLE W3 - UNION GROVE W4 - EVADALE W5 - ALTO W6 - @ MT. ENTERPRISE W7 - BYE W8 - GRAPELAND W9 - @ TENAHA W10 - LOVELADY W11 - @ OVERTON GRAPELAND ( 0-0 /0-0 ) W1 - @ CAYUGA W2 - BREMOND W3 - @ FRANKSTON W4 - GROVETON W5 - OVERTON W6 - @ ALTO W7 - MT. ENTERPRISE W8 - @ CUSHING W9 - BYE W10 - TENAHA W11 - @ LOVELADY LOVELADY ( 0-0 / 0-0 ) W1 - @ ELKHART W2 - @ TIMPSON W3 - GROVETON W4 - GARRISON W5 - @ TENAHA W6 - BYE W7 - OVERTON W8 - @ ALTO W9 - MT. ENTERPRISE W10 - @ CUSHING W11 - GRAPELAND MT. ENTERPRISE ( 0-0 / 0-0 ) W1 - PRICE CARLISLE W2 - @ ALBA-GOLDEN W3 - @ MAUD W4 - SHELBYVILLE W5 - BYE W6 - CUSHING W7 - @ GRAPELAND W8 - TENAHA W9 - @ LOVELADY W10 - OVERTON W11 - @ ALTO OVERTON ( 0-0 / 0-0 ) W1 - ALBA-GOLDEN W2 - @ PRICE CARLISLE W3 - @ SIMMS BOWIE W4 - MAUD W5 - @ GRAPELAND W6 - TENAHA W7 - @ LOVELADY W8 - BYE W9 - ALTO W10 - @ MT. ENTERPRISE W11 - CUSHING TENAHA ( 0-0 / 0-0 ) W1 - ELYSIAN FIELDS (@ GLADEWATER ) W2 - WEST SABINE W3 - @ JOAQUIN W4 - LINDEN-KILDARE W5 - LOVELADY W6 - @ OVERTON W7 - ALTO W8 - @ MT. ENTERPRISE W9 - CUSHING W10 - @ GRAPELAND W11 - BYE http://www.2atexasfootball.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=974
  3. Too quick to do it for this season I’m sure, but I was speaking more to the future. In my opinion NIL is a terrible idea for high school athletes and one that should never be entertained/considered.
  4. Thanks, Ripper! I think the coaches got a workout themselves doing that last week! Before/after pics could be an advertisement for their services. But now it’s summer workouts soooo……. lol
  5. Ya never realize all the skills these coaches of ours possess until BAM….you see a pic on Twitter! Go ahead and add one more…..stripping and waxing floors! Boys arrived at summer workouts today with a brand spanking clean look in the field house! Appreciate their hard work and the pride they take in our facilities. GREAT JOB!
  6. And that Mean Green Stadium design is very nice. I’ve seen it before but been awhile.
  7. Went through Denton on Sunday and stopped at the big new Buccees on I35….first one I’ve ever seen with a car wash and that thing was about a long as the main building! So much growth through that area it kind of boggles the mind!
  8. Went through there a few years ago when they were building the new high school. It was fun seeing the old stadium and the “small town” feel that was there for years. Now….wow. Not the same place anymore! Houses and subdivisions everywhere and that new stadium…..big time nice! Seems to be happening to many of the communities around that area. Not sure about Pilot Point. They were rivals for years but looks like Celina (and Anna, etc) took off.
  9. In other exciting news…..the best band director in Alto history is back! Timothy Ektefaei “Mr. E” is back after being away 3 years and will be starting his 8th year at Alto! The numbers are way back up and the folks are excited about him being HOME. Not football related, but contributes to the overall program of the school. Happy to have him back! One of my all-time favorite MSMM performances on band day at Prairie View A&M: (2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss6SZJJMuD4
  10. A little fancier graphic per our extremely gifted Coach Reagan. Summer workout schedules are ready and we are expecting a great group to participate. Morning workouts have seen high attendance in the offseason and the guys are working hard and bulking up. Expecting a good return in the fall on their hard work! Let’s goooooooooo! FIND. A. WAY.
  11. Game 1: FINAL Shelbyville 6 - Leon 4 Coach Hubbard gets win #100 as a head coach. Congratulations! Because of the weather, Game 2 was moved to Friday at 6:00 p.m. in Rusk. If necessary Game 3 is Saturday.
  12. Unimaginable. My heart goes out to this grieving family and community.
  13. I think their coach (Day) went to Carlisle, but didn’t stay at Carlisle. Not sure what happened after that. MaxPreps has George Taylor listed as the coach for the 2023 season.
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