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  1. We real….maybe not real real. no 4:30 AM… Injuns? What time do they go to work on the reservation?
  2. Boys and girls, 4 more days and then it’s Monday! Lol Our team reports at 4:30! Guess where I’ll be.
  3. He did! And even gave a shout to Alto and Carlisle at the end.
  4. I don’t know about a kid who moved to California. The 8th grade QB last year was Walker and he was a beast….!
  5. You got that right! We’re ready! And we DO have some of the most loyal fans around! The folks love their football! Also, in case you didn’t know, this is the 95th year of Alto Football! First season was in 1927. AND we are two wins away from joining the 600 Club! We stand at 598 right now. Historic season coming up!
  6. Might be a thing! Our band marched Grapeland’s Peanut Festival last year. Maybe they fed them peanuts with Pennington/Grapeland watermelons for dessert….I didn’t ask!
  7. @StillGreezy, what do y’all mean scheduling us for homecoming? We’re coming over on a Saturday! Y’all want us in your parade, too?!
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