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  1. I get it…”larger” schools shooting for the stars! Lol But quality folks are quality folks and this one would definitely be worth consideration.
  2. Henderson should combine the AD/HFC position immediately. Don’t know the AD and definitely nothing against him; have no dog in the race, but if you want to COMPETE in football at this level on down, make it happen. It’s TEXAS FOOTBALL and it’s king. The HFC should be AD. Period. Best decision Henderson could make. Program and kids deserve it. Everything else will fall into place. Just my humble opinion. And your neighbor to the 2A south should be given consideration. He could turn things around QUICKLY. @upullinmychaindon’t be mad, but you know it’s true.
  3. 25 yard field goal attempt 14-14 It’s good!!! 17-14 FINAL!!!! Wow!!! Congrats Franklin!
  4. That kid is special. Had about zero to do with it….but we won a few baseball games!! Lol #3 is a dude and looking forward to following him on his journey next year!
  5. I said in my comment I was riding with Bussey & Co. until someone stopped them. I did all season and will again next year! lol
  6. Yep! I was in pretty good company with the other 77 folks who picked them as well! My crystal ball was 3 points off.
  7. Congratulations Hawley! State Champs! So happy for them!…..and I was one of the 19 who picked them in the poll. Good to get back there and finish the job! Hats off to their team, town, and coaches (Coach Able’s 9th season) on their first championship!
  8. Because of history. And heck yeah Region 1 can play! They are proving that for sure.
  9. Congratulations to the Albany Lions and Coach Faith (36 years at Albany) on winning the state championship!!! #3 1960, 1961, 2022
  10. Mart gets a stop on 3rd down. 4th down for Albany. Gonna take a timeout. 2:33 left.
  11. Albany is chewing up the clock on this drive. Unless there is some kind of turnover or Mart gets another stop……Albany will be state champs for the first time since 1961!
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