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  1. Congratulations Bears! I got to see this game tonight. The turnover that Centerville had on the first drive at the 4 yard line was killer. The Tigers were on a clock-chewing drive that quite frankly Timpson was not able to stop. Strip fumble! Timpson responded as I knew they would and took that 7 points from Centerville. Absolutely set the tone from then on out. It was basically all Timpson after that. So many weapons. Watching 10 run so smoothly is a thing of beauty. He makes it look so easy. And to see 6 shake those defenders off like rag dolls down on the 3 yard line after the reception….just WOW. Centerville has a great team and HUGE kids. Congratulations to them on a heck of a season. Good luck to the Bears next week!
  2. Congrats Lovelady and great season, Carlisle! I felt like it would come down to a play here or there and turnovers. Pretty amazing defensive play by Carlisle to hold Lovelady out of the end zone on first and goal on two separate occasions. Great job Lovelady on not giving up. I hope y’all give Mart a battle!
  3. Basically. Lol. I was curious. Looks like in 2015 they were 11-1 and in 2000 they were 12-2. Other than that this year where they sit at 6-6 and headed to round 3! Good for them.
  4. Not sure how many districts still have all 4 teams playing but saw this! Former San Augustine and Alto HC Marty Murr is the head man at Jarrell. Congrats! Tough district!
  5. Carlisle vs Mart incoming! lol i think it will be a close game. Lovelady will give you all they got and then some. Turnovers are key. Gotta protect the ball; team who does that advances. Carlisle by 7.
  6. I asked Coach if we need to burn the scoreboard and get a new one! But who knows…..could be beneficial! Almost cost us the game…again.
  7. We could supply that too!! The place would be LIT!!
  8. And we could run the sprinklers. OR you can bring the helicopter. Whatever fits best with y’all’s game plan.
  9. Tell you what. Y’all should probably just meet Lovelady somewhere in the middle….say Alto High School would be a good place! Both schools used to a good natural grass field. Y’all might even feel a little home field advantage! Or Tomato Bowl is good too. Lol
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