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  1. Making history! I believe this is their first 4th round game.
  2. Timpson pulls away in the fourth but Centerville will bring it. They are physical, BUT so is Timpson; those Bears will be too much in the end. Glad they are playing in Cherokee County again! This will be the 5th game I’ve gone to and I appreciate them keeping it close to home!
  3. FINAL 42-21 Timpson Good game! Congrats Bears!
  4. INT Timpson 3:03 Timpson ball on their own 29
  5. TD Timpson Hunter Tipton 42-21 Timpson 3:17 4Q
  6. Timpson stops Beckville on 4th and short on Bear 14.
  7. TD Timpson Terry Bussey 35-21 Timpson 3:35 3Q
  8. TD Timpson Braden Courtney 28-21 Timpson 6:41 3Q
  9. 2nd half: Onside kick attempt recovered by Beckville.
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