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  1. Those are all solid teams. Carlisle seems to be a little down but finding their way. Tenaha has had a strong start. I don’t know much about Wortham.
  2. Y’all are solid. Expecting a deep playoff run for the Lions. Wish y’all could take care of Mart! Maybe this will be the year!
  3. wow. That’s not something you see every day. Congrats to Carlisle!
  4. Looks like y’all had a good night, @Lion1996. Congratulations!
  5. Exactly. That’s what someone said….the game was a lot closer than the score. But DANG, that’s part of it. We got fumblelitis, gave them a short field and BOOM. Ballgame was out of reach.
  6. Final: 44-20 Groveton Congrats Indians. First win over the Jackets since 2012. First win AT ALTO since 1994 when we lost 14-7 in the first year in our new/.current stadium…..first and only home loss that season. Good luck in district. Alto has a bye next week. Oof
  7. We have fumbled the last THREE kickoff returns…. Just SMH. Plus the last time we were on offense, we fumbled deep in our own territory. Killer.
  8. 4Q 4:52 44-20 Groveton 3-yard Groveton TD run PAT good.
  9. 4Q 8:44 37-20 Groveton 3-yard Groveton TD run. PAT good.
  10. End of 3 30-20 Groveton Alto fumbled the kickoff return. Groveton ball on the Alto 24.
  11. 3Q 1:40 30-20 Groveton 10 yard Groveton TD run. PAT good.
  12. 3Q 7:17 23-20 Groveton Alto 7 yard TD. Bad snap on the PAT. 2 point attempt no good.
  13. 3Q 9:48 23-14 Groveton 3 yard Groveton TD run. PAT not good.
  14. Halftime 17-14 Groveton Groveton kicks a 20 yard field goal as time expires.
  15. 2Q 6:50 14-14 Alto Groveton 5 yard TD run. 2-point conversion good. This TD was off a Jacket fumble.
  16. After 1 quarter: 14-6 Alto Alto has the ball and driving. Groveton 45.
  17. 1Q 1:10 14-6 Alto Groveton 2 yard TD. PAT no good.
  18. 1Q 2:09 14-0 Alto 3 yard QB keeper.
  19. 1Q 4:34 7-0 Alto 30 yard pass on 4th down. This after Groveton throws an INT to Alto in Groveton territory.
  20. Grapeland, You thinkin about taking some salt and burning a big G in the middle of their game field while they’re gone? Lol
  21. Speaking of that low-scoring 7-2 win in 1984, someone posted on the Alto community Facebook page the program from that quarterfinal game at Abe Martin! Alto was the district champ winning in regular season 7-2. Groveton won the playoff game 14-6 to advance! Here’s the roster from that team. My apologies but they didn’t post the Groveton roster.
  22. Chain, my dad was asked to do the pep talk at the pep rally this week and shared I guess what is the lowest scoring, 1-point win in this Alto-Groveton series. This is a game he played in his senior year in 1965. Alto was leading 7-0 until the very end of the game when Groveton scored to make it 7-6 in the closing seconds. Groveton lined up to go for 2 and Alto stuffed them. The Jackets were celebrating and going crazy when they realized a flag had been thrown; we were offsides! So the refs moved the ball half the distance and they lined up again. TIME OUT! The BOYS called time out, not the coaches. Lol The Alto defense huddled up and the boys had a gut check conversation and just basically got pumped and focused. They all lined up, Groveton tried a QB sneak and the Jacket defense stopped them short of the goal line to preserve the 7-6 win! He said they just went nuts celebrating! The moral of his story was that although our season to this point hasn’t gone like we hoped or planned, you play for that guy next to you……your teammates, your brothers, and for your town. Just like in 1965 when those teammates called timeout to gather themselves after being penalized and Groveton being given another chance.….they didn’t give up but came together for that victory. It was a good lesson. Hoping we get one of those tonight! Been rough!
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