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  1. On 7/9/2021 at 5:06 PM, Bear9T1 said:

    If I’m not mistaken we had a transfer to Timpson from Alto.   Not sure, could be hearsay....

    That’s true. Great great kid. He’s an Alto kid (heck his mom and grandparents are Alto kids!! Lol). His step dad’s mom passed away and they have inherited the house and land in Timpson. Gonna miss him. Great friend of my son’s; they have been buddies since tball. Awesome family all around. 

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  2. On 6/24/2021 at 11:09 AM, villagegenius said:

    Surprised StingEm or any other of the Alto guys haven’t chimed in. I concur with your statement, one of the better small town atmospheres in the state. 

    I would put Alto’s Friday night atmosphere up against pretty much anybody’s. Stands are packed, band is live, boys are pumped, smoke is firing, cryo jets are lit(! lol), and it’s pretty much the place to be. Most towns probably say the same thing, but we kind of kick it up a notch in my opinion. Caleb Beames of KTRE/KLTV thinks so, too!



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  3. Today Dave Campbell’s Texas Football released the pre-season Top 10 for 2A Division 1 and Division 2! As expected, Timpson is the highest ranked D1 school from Region 3 at #3 and Mart is the favorite in D2 at #1. Garrison is preseason #8 in D1 while Tenaha is #7 in D2. Out of 20 teams ranked in both divisions, those are the 4 from Region 3.

    The Texas Football magazine will be out soon. Who else contends for the region?



  4. Congratulations to the Eagles! Watched that game in person last night and JD was pretty phenomenal as usual. He allowed one hit. Been watching this kid since 10U and he deserves every bit of success that comes his way. In addition to his pitching performance the dude can swing! Hit a timely triple last night to get Rusk on the board, then scored on a liner by Sunday. That’s all they needed to take it! Anyway, it will be interesting to see the strategy for TWO games at state. They have been fortunate to play one game the last three weeks (of course that China Spring game went 13 innings so that was almost 2 in itself! Lol).

    The Cirkel and Rawlinson kids are great pitchers, too, so they are in good shape I think.

    Good luck in Round Rock!

  5. 48 minutes ago, TheWolf said:

    Y’all still has a good run. 

    Thanks Wolf. We were picked to finish 4th in the district and went 4 rounds deep. Just an error (or two! 😩) from going to Game 3. Proud of the guys and what they accomplished this season. Quite a few starters returning; we’ll certainly miss the seniors. For me they exceeded expectations. Great group and it was a fun season. On to football!

  6. 18 hours ago, SFup1 said:

    Rivercrest will thump alto 

    Well it wasn’t a thumping. Alto led both games until the 6th. Lost 4-1 and 5-4. Couldn’t seal the deal. Good luck to Rivercrest and Garrison. Should be a good series. 

  7. On 5/24/2021 at 6:45 PM, KirtFalcon said:

    Garrison has two excellent pitchers  ... one has signed an offer to pitch for Stephen F Austin  .... and the other is just as good,  or better  ....  we also have a solid defense and some really clutch hitters from top to bottom of the lineup  ...  nobody in 2A has beaten Garrison, the losses have been against 3A and 4A classification schools.  it should be a good series .....

    Man, it would do my heart good if Alto and Garrison were playing next week for a trip to the state tournament! Good luck to the Bulldogs. Gotta git ‘r done this week for that to happen. 🤞🤞🤞

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    (25-7) Alto vs. Rivercrest (23-3)
    All games @ Mike Carter Field in Tyler.

    GAME 1
    ⏰Thurs @ 5pm
    Home: Rivercrest

    GAME 2
    ⏰30 min after
    Home: Alto

    GAME 3 (if needed)
    ⏰Sat @ 2pm
    Home: flip before game


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  9. 6 hours ago, KirtFalcon said:

    I was told Cushion elected to take their chances in a one game match up versus a two out of three series against the Dawgs ... probably a smart move on their part ....

    Cushing has the LeBlanc kid who will be pitching at Angelina College. He’s good. I can definitely see them wanting one game only. They were the third place team in our district and here they are in the 3rd round with Douglass sitting at home. Baseball.....

  10. Regional Quarterfinals:
    (23-7) ALTO vs. CENTERVILLE (20-4-1)
    Game 1 - Thursday @ 6:00 p.m., Madisonville (Centerville home)
    Game 2 - Saturday @ 2:00 p.m., Rusk (Alto home)
    Game 3 - 30 minutes following if needed (flip for home)
    Next up: Winner of Maud/Rivercrest

    ALTO vs. GARY
    All games at Nacogdoches High School.

    GAME 1
    Date: Thursday, May 13
    Time: 4pm
    Home Team: Gary

    GAME 2
    Date: Saturday, May 15
    Time: 2pm
    Home Team: Alto

    GAME 3 (if needed)
    Date: Saturday, May 15
    Time: 30 min after Game 2
    Home Team: flip before game

    Next up: Winner of Centerville/Shelbyville 


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