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  1. That IS bad. Why is that website so incomplete I wonder? I like the layout of it but if the data is no good, then there's a problem.........especially when one is trying to argue a point! lol Seems like it would be easy enough to get the complete information and update it. Which website are you referencing to find the historical data you are posting?
  2. That's awesome! I wasn't born yet but sounds like a physical smash-mouth game!!! DEFENSE! Good memories, and thanks for sharing! The game that stands out in my mind is the one in 1994 played in the monsoon at Bulldog Stadium when the visitors stands were on the opposite side they are now. The game was tied 0-0 at the half and it was a torrential downpour; most of the of folks had bolted for their cars (my grandmother included!). I was a spectator and we were waiting for Alto to come out of the locker room. Garrison was already on the field and I didn't think Coach Gamble would ever b
  3. I stand corrected. Actually, that website stands to be corrected! lol After further inspection, there are some definite gaps! The '67 through '77 seasons aren't even listed, and also missing are '86, '87, and '88. So I believe you are correct with 23-19-2 Garrison. Not all that "lopsided" but the Bulldogs currently have the edge. Hoping the Jackets can catch up soon! This per https://www.texashighschoolfootballhistory.com/won-loss_records.html: (I think this is through 2016) ALTO ALL-TIME RECORD: 571-364-34 37-25-2Playoff Record: 52-35-1Undefeated Seasons:
  4. After reading your post, I was curious about the series between Alto and Garrison so I did a little research; this is what I found: Alto leads the series at 15-14-1 per http://lsfn.net/team.asp?T=835&B=1027&REC=15-14-1&S=. Check out this website; it's very informative and interesting! I know that it's been a battle over the years between the two schools.......actually since 1955! I always enjoy playing Garrison and I think it will be even more intense with Garrison's realignment back to 2A. Glad you all are still on our schedule so that continues even being in separate distric
  5. District 22-2A Opener (9-0) Alto 24, Apple Springs 0 5 innings
  6. ALTO YELLOWJACKETS (District 10-2A DI) - Pre-District Schedule: 8/17 - Overton (scrimmage) 8/24 - Crockett (scrimmage) 8/31 - Palestine Westwood 9/7 - Timpson 9/14 - New Diana 9/21 - Garrison 9/28 - Corrigan-Camden
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