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  1. Leon just evened the series against Douglass with a 9 inning 7-6 win. They will play Game 3 shortly.
  2. ALTO BASEBALL: BI-DISTRICT CHAMPS! (Record 21-6) GM1: Alto 10 - Normangee 1 GM2: F/6 Alto 12 - Normangee 2 Next up: winner of Gary/San Augustine
  3. Alto vs. Normangee Game 1 @ 4:00 p.m. Friday - Madisonville | Game 2 following | Game 3 @ noon Saturday - Rusk
  4. No one cleaned house. Coach Meeks took them all (pretty much) with him. Center is now Alto East. Haha All the best to the Roughriders. We press on. Kids are working hard as always and we couldn’t be more excited for football season to get here!
  5. Coach Reagan is going to Center (I’m not sure if if he is coaching basketball). We lost two seniors; missed the playoffs by one game. Got better as the season progressed. Excited about our new coliseum that is supposed to be ready by the end of December. It’s going to be a huge step up from our current gymnasium. Folks (visitors especially!!) will be happy to not all be sitting on the same side!
  6. This was very surprising to me.
  7. (Alto will scrimmage Beckville and Shelbyville.)
  8. I disagree. When Coach Gamble was at Beckville as AD/HFC they finished as the 9th best overall athletic program in the state of Texas in 2A in the Lone Star Cup standings (2015-2016). He was also a multi-sport athlete when at Alto HS under his father. Those programs across the board were competitive with a state finalist in football (1995), boys and girls state championships in track (1996), a state finalist appearance in baseball (1997), a state championship in softball (1999), and a state finalist in softball (2000). (And that’s not to mention all the district championships and playoff ap
  9. https://www.ketk.com/sports/local-sports/lance-gamble-returns-home-new-alto-head-football-coach-has-deep-roots-with-the-mean-sting/
  10. He doesn’t live in a trailer house. Lol But you know what, I spent a few years in a mobile home growing up while my parents built our family brick home and I wasn’t any lesser of a person. So.....I know Stickstick meant that as an insult to the good folks of Alto (or maybe just to Jacket44 who lost his cool and ran his mouth)! Either way I’ve known some nice folks who live in “trailer houses.” And I’ve known some jerks who live in big nice houses. Best thing to do is follow momma’s advice and treat others the way you want to be treated and don’t worry so much about the house they are
  11. More exciting news to share! The foundation for the new coliseum and dressing rooms has been poured. Also on Saturday, the foundation for the new elementary gym was done. Next foundation up: the new high school! Red iron to be delivered in April. #tornadoes2019 #don’tlookback #jacketPRIDE
  12. This right here. 100 percent++++!
  13. “....overreacting to their hire.” Being excited about your new coach is not an overreaction. I would hope that every school who hires their new guy is excited. We were when Coach Meeks came. I have followed several threads and generally most are happy and enthusiastic when the decision is announced (ie Brock, Cameron Yoe, Center, Crockett, Lone Oak...not so much lol, Atlanta for the most part). Maybe we are a bit more excited because he is a hometown guy and has the respect of “the folks” before he even gets here. To address the second part: “they came out of the woodworks to
  14. I like it greezy but we’ve taken a few from y’all, too! Always a good battle between the Tigers and the Jackets!
  15. Hi Brooke! We are so glad to have your brother back in Alto and look forward to seeing all of you! The time that your dad was here was very special and exciting, especially since I had a brother on his team all 4 years of high school. I assure you every one of those players would run through a brick wall for your dad and I know these kids (my son!) will do the same for your brother. We are looking forward to GAMBLE ERA Part 2! We know expectations will be high and would expect no less.
  16. Coach Lance Gamble and family:
  17. Well put!!....and wow. We are so blessed! Nothing better than seeing a hometown kid come back and give more to his community. We are in good hands.
  18. KTRE Story: https://www.ktre.com/2021/03/12/homecoming-new-alto-athletic-director-returns-alma-mater/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=snd&utm_content=ktre&fbclid=IwAR27GR8fvR_8QdUjZ94cwctTKK_4V3WVmnYd-LcSuHv-8Y3QEOpQUDqkHO4
  19. More like a SLAM DUNK.
  20. It’s official!! Lufkin defensive coordinator Lance Gamble has been named the AD and head football coach at Alto! We are EXCITED to welcome HOME an Alto Yellowjacket to lead our program. Coach Gamble came to Alto in 6th grade when his dad, Lucky, lead the program for 8 years. He graduated from AHS in 2000. Coach Gamble came highly recommended by the best in the business and we could not be more pleased to have him as our leader. LET’S GOOOOOOO!!
  21. When it comes to football around here we don’t mess around!
  22. Slick, no one on the current staff applied. I think a few of them are heading east. With close to 80 applicants why wait until after spring break?....which at Alto is NEXT week. Like I said before no time to waste. Our boys deserve someone ASAP. Today the decision is made official at a noon board meeting and it is the guy’s program. Kids will be back from spring break on the 22nd and we’ll hit the ground running (and lifting! lol). I appreciate and applaud the committee for the way in which they conducted the process. They always have our Alto kids’ best interest at the heart of their d
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