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  1. I have no expectation of Grapeland beating Centerville. I just meant should we win out, it would be nice for Normangee to defeat Centerville causing a 3-way tie for first and then the point system would determine the seeding. BUT, I think Centerville wins out so everything I said really means nothing. Lol
  2. Their QB is dynamic and we’ll have to figure a way to stop him. I see where he will be playing in the all-star game next summer. 20 points better? Let’s hope not! Lol I DO want them to go ahead and beat Centerville next week should we beat them Friday! Make things interesting. Lol
  3. I think with Normangee losing 3 games in a row and falling out of the top 10 and us not cracking a ranking period and falling to Centerville, it’s kind of off the radar. But like you said, it’s on the radar that counts: with our team!! That was a physical and close game we played them last year. I remember their players telling ours that we were the toughest team they had played to that point. Hoping to be even tougher and grab that dub this time!
  4. I think Grapeland and Leon will duke it out in the last game for the 4th playoff spot. What happened to them? I don’t know. Most of their team was back and they have some talent for sure. Someone else will have to chime in. I know basketball season is near…..
  5. Alto peeps are pretty much silent and Normangee has no one on Smoaky. Sooooo….guess we’ll just play ball.
  6. Week 9 Pick β€˜ems:* Normangee (3-0 | 5-3) @ Alto (2-1 | 4-2)* Centerville (3-0 | 7-1) @ Grapeland (1-2 | 4-4)* Leon (0-3 | 3-5) @ Groveton (0-3 | 0-7)
  7. Week 9 Picks: Colmesneil @ West Sabine Tenaha @ Cushing Lovelady @ Mt. Enterprise Christian Homeschool Educators Foundation @ West Hardin Oakwood @ Apple Springs Calvert @ Chester
  8. Week 8: 2-0 Overall: 22-4 Week 9 picks: * Shelbyville at Joaquin * San Augustine at Garrison
  9. Oh man.....that would #### for me. lol We better take care of business!
  10. Pick’em WEEK 8 Results for 11-2A D1: @RETIREDFAN1 3-0 @jacketgrad06 3-0 @StingEmALTO 2-1 Overall: @RETIREDFAN1 28-10 @StingEmALTO 27-11 @jacketgrad06 26-12 @trueblue82 20-5 @CDubya936 19-8 @bigj 17-6 @KirtFalcon 5-2
  11. Coach trying to get y’all a game with the Longhorns this week? They have a bye as well I think. Might be a good matchup!
  12. I think you’re back to your original order aren’t you? And you might be right but I think Grapeland beats Leon.
  13. The Alto Yellowjackets will host the Normangee Panthers this Friday at Jacket Stadium in a key District 11-2A showdown; kickoff is 7:00 p.m. The Mean Sting blanked the Leon Cougars 46-0 Friday while the Panthers downed Grapeland 56-36. Normangee was projected by Dave Campbell’s Texas Football to win the district. The Panthers lost 15 seniors and return 10 lettermen, 5 on offense and 6 on defense. Normangee started strong in pre-district with wins over Bremond (49-13) and Iola (51-14) but then had a rough stretch with 3 losses in a row to Chilton (37-0), Lovelady (35-6), and Groesbeck (54-6). Since then though, they have won big in district over Groveton (42-21), Leon (55-0), and Grapeland (56-36). As best I can tell Alto and Normangee have only played twice: a 2018 bi-district playoff game where Alto won 47-16 and then in District last season, a 35-22 Normangee win. Who breaks the series tie of 1-1 and gets the important district win? ALTO ( 4-2 / 2-1 )W1 - TROUP 48 - ALTO 18 W2 - @ TIMPSON CANCELLEDW3 - PRICE CARLISLE CANCELLED W4 - ALTO 42 - WINONA 7 W5 - ALTO 47 - SAN AUGUSTINE 20 W6 - ALTO 49 @ GRAPELAND 14 W7 - CENTERVILLE 38 @ ALTO 16 W8 - ALTO 46 @ JEWETT LEON 0 W9 - NORMANGEE W10 - GROVETON W11- BYE NORMANGEE ( 5-3 / 3-0 )W1 - NORMANGEE 49 - BREMOND 13 W2 - NORMANGEE 51 @ IOLA 14W3 - CHILTON 37 - NORMANGEE 0W4 - @ LOVELADY 35 - NORMANGEE 6 W5 - GROESBECK 54 - NORMANGEE 6 W6 - NORMANGEE 42 @ GROVETON 21W7 - NORMANGEE 55 @ JEWETT LEON 0 W8 - NORMANGEE 56 - GRAPELAND 36 W9 - @ ALTO W10 - CENTERVILLE W11- BYE
  14. So with the results from the games last night there were no changes in the district standings from last week. Centerville and Normangee sit atop the district with no losses. I thought maybe Grapeland might have defeated Normangee but @RETIREDFAN1was right; Normangee took care of business (and I’m down in the standings again. lol). This week’s showdown between Alto and Normangee is the big game of the week and has major playoff implications. If Centerville can handle Grapeland (and they should) and Normangee, who was picked to win the district, can defeat Alto (I think Alto wins) that would set up 2 undefeated teams in district going all out the last week for the championship. Should Alto defeat Normangee and then Normangee somehow turn around and defeat Centerville next week, there would be a three way tie for first! Then the point system would take over. If Centerville wins out, they are the district champs. The third place team might actually have the β€œeasier” road in the playoffs….and by β€œeasier” I mean the 2nd place team gets Timpson in Round 2 and the 3rd place team gets Beckville (should everyone take care of business in Round 1). We’re getting down to the nitty gritty and these next couple weeks will be very interesting! A side note: Groveton plays Leon this week. I don’t know a whole lot about Leon football history but Groveton is steeped in tradition as everyone knows. Groveton is sitting where Alto did last year at this time….zero wins so far. They have the opportunity this week with 0-3 Leon coming to town. I looked it up because I was wondering when Groveton did not win a game in a season. The last time was 1944! (They didn’t play in 42 or 43 because of WW2.) This is a big game from an historical perspective, especially for the real deal Groveton fans. They are probably Alto’s biggest historical rival and I hope they can get that dub this week because next week…..NOPE. Lol We need to finish strong and wrap up district and be ready for playoffs! So good luck this week Groveton vs. Leon! Do some Indian war dance and summons that BIG RED spirit and take care of business.
  15. Week 8 11-2A District Results: * Alto 46 - Leon 0 * Centerville 56 - Groveton 6 * Normangee 56 - Grapeland 36 District 11-2A Standings: (3-0 | 7-1) Centerville (3-0 | 5-3) Normangee (2-1 | 4-2) Alto (1-2 | 4-4) Grapeland (0-3 | 3-5) Leon (0-3 | 0-7) Groveton Week 9 11-2A District Schedule: * Normangee (3-0 | 5-3) @ Alto (2-1 | 4-2) * Centerville (3-0 | 7-1) @ Grapeland (1-2 | 4-4) * Leon (0-3 | 3-5) @ Groveton (0-3 | 0-7)
  16. Congrats Coach Meeks and Roughriders! That has to feel good.
  17. Uhhhhhh…..now that’s just funny! I guess it WAS 0-0 at one point.
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