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  1. It’s entertaining if anything!
  2. Yes sir! His dad, Marion Dwayne and Andy.
  3. Hey man, Ray closed the store shortly after Brookshire Brothers came to town. Also, Clicks BBQ closed but now there is Lindsey’s BBQ so we didn’t miss a beat! lol
  4. The job closed last night. Interviews coming soon.
  5. The Alto job closes today! Interviews are coming up mid week and we should have our new leader noon Friday. It can’t get here fast enough for me. We’ve had lots of interest and that is exciting! Appreciate all those who want a shot at leading our Jackets.
  6. Thank you sir! I commend the admin and board for the great job they have done in moving this process along. Last day to apply is Sunday, March 7th. Interviews will take place the early part of next week with 2nd interviews scheduled for Thursday I believe. If everything goes according to plan THE GUY will be hired on Friday at a noon board meeting. Spring break is the following week and then we’ll hit the ground running the following Monday (3/22). These boys are working hard every single day (kudos to our coaching staff for the job they continue to do!). Excited for our new c
  7. I’ll agree with this!
  8. Gotcha. I wouldn't expect the next one to be treated any differently.
  9. Well.....maybe....but not in this case however. 100% support, love (as testified above), and even compensation. Coach Meeks was ready for a bigger school; that is what he has been associated with most of his life and this was a great opportunity. I don’t think there is one more thing we could’ve done to keep him. So what you said above may apply to some situations, but not this one.
  10. We always have high expectations around here. Lol “Unrealistic?” Depends on what you are referring to. District champs? Region champs? State champs? We are one year removed from our latest of 26 district championships. We have played for the region championship 12 times, won the region 4 times, played for the state championship 3, and won 2. We have 39 playoff appearances and 18 10-win seasons with 11 undefeated regular seasons. I don’t think it is unrealistic to think we can compete for a district championship next year. The upcoming juniors and seniors were 10-0 when they were JV and un
  11. I am sharing this message because we have one heck of a superintendent. She personifies the word “leader” and what she said could not have been put any better. Don’t come after her! She’s a hometown girl and not going anywhere. Lol She was a teacher at Alto Elementary, then middle school principal for over a decade and then the board (all men!) made the wise decision to promote her to superintendent. She has handled every curve ball thrown at her with grace, common sense, and the students’ best interest in mind. Her excellent leadership is second to none. The new athletic director will
  12. Coach Meeks was 21-13 overall.
  13. The AD/HFC position has been posted today 2/26/2021 and will close 3/7/2021. See links below: https://resources.finalsite.net/images/v1614348294/altoesc7net/jlnj5h2kkxxazjfkv2gf/AltoISDAD-HFCJobApp.pdf https://www.alto.esc7.net/departments/business-servicesemployment-opportunities
  14. Coach Meeks has assembled an awesome coaching staff over the last three years with high quality, hard working men who have been 100% vested in our kids. Every resume will get a hard look and be considered. I am not going to speculate or throw out names here. That’s not me. The process begins today and we will see where it leads us.
  15. First of all, congratulations to Coach Meeks on his new position as AD/HFC of the Center Roughriders. I know that he will do a tremendous job as their new leader. A little more than 3 years ago our district had approximately 125 applicants for this position, and Coach Meeks’ name rose to the top. In looking back through the historical data of previous Alto head coaches, most have either come to us with head coaching experience OR have earned the position by being a great Alto assistant and promoted. Coach Meeks was an OC at Tatum with no HC experience. BUT HE WAS ABSOLUTELY READY. His org
  16. Ticket info: (scroll to the bottom!) https://www.newcaneyisd.org/Page/11663
  17. Shiner: 50 ppg offense 12 ppg defense Timpson: 53 ppg offense 10 ppg defense Gonna be a battle royale I think. I’m going with Timpson in a shocker by a TD.
  18. Congrats on making school history Timpson! Now go get Shiner and get Region 3 back to the state game!
  19. Good luck Tenaha! Hope you take them.
  20. I’m not generally a complainer but these two East Texas schools did not do East Texas football fans a favor by playing in Henderson. Super nice venue but just not large enough for a Regional Final. I understand that SFA (seats 14,575) was reserved for Kilgore and Lindale Friday night but wish they could have made something happen on a different day/time or perhaps Rose Stadium (seats 12,500) or Lobo Stadium (seats 9,250). Attended Friday night with my kids at the Timpson/Garrison game at SFA and enjoyed it. All of East Texas was represented and was treated to a pretty good ballgame. Was p
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