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  1. You need an AD/HFC that understands that basketball is the priority in Peaster, but they also want them to compete in football. The new AD/HFC also can't be a complete ####### to everyone in the town and school and expect to keep their job. I wish I was just reflecting the views of one parent, but this or something similar to it has come from every single person I know in Peaster. Not to mention that I interviewed with the guy... When I turned down the job offer he said "Why? Do you think you can find a better job?" My answer was "I already have a better job, and you definitely just confirmed that." Trevor Owens- DC from Idalou is the new head coach, and Shane Mobley is the AD according to my sources. Any comments on the hire?
  2. Was this job ever posted outside the school website? They could be competitive with the right leadership. Will they beat Brock? No, but they could go a couple of rounds.
  3. Looking at their record the last 3 years, hiring from within probably not a good idea.
  4. Will your coaching card get you into the games?
  5. Fun game to watch if you were for CS. Them boys will knock a snot bubble out of you.
  6. Funny that a thread about CS / The Ville gets side tracked about Carthage and other schools. Think a lot of this smack was let last year before CS/ Carthage. We know how that went. Won't get to know if any of the schools mentioned could beat either of them, because they are D1. I just know that it's going to be a good game, and I plan to be there. Last Friday night, I had play by play going of the ville and was streaming CS live. Followed both since the 90's. This should be fun.
  7. 24 is the correct number. That's what happens when there's too little sleep and I'm in a hurry..... and too old.
  8. CS was over by 4 students. They got down early, but battled back and scored in the last minute to win 42-41. Had them on live stream, and was listening on radio to Stephenville/ Everman. The Ville scored on the last play of the game to win 62-61. The scores in both games came almost at the exact time.
  9. I agree. This compliments all sports. Just giving scenarios.
  10. So in the example given, she would be playing basketball in the fall (begins the last of October) and track in the spring. For boys, the example would be basketball in the fall and track in the spring. That would fulfill the rule, and negate being forced to play the sport (Volleyball/ football ) he/ she didn't want to play. You could also go the other direction and take out track.
  11. According to UIL rules above, a coach can't require a student to play one sport or he/ she can't play any other sport. Example- If a girl was a 3 sport player, but the coach said if you don't play volleyball in the fall, you can't play basketball or run track, then my understanding is he/ she would be in violation of UIL rules.
  12. PAP 39, thanks, I stayed after it and found it. Appreciate your time.
  13. Can you direct me to the specific rule? Having a hard time with UIL website. Thanks
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