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  1. If Tyler Copeland plays for Anahuac, EC, HJ, Silsbee or any school like that during his years, he would've been a FCS level QB, no doubt. Him getting the recognition he got while playing at WH tells you just how good he actually was.
  2. Naw sir. There are no athletes. I literally cannot remember one single skill player, outside of Tyler Copeland, who was a difference maker on the field for West Hardin. They have had some top notch linemen come through over the years, but no one to block for that could make a play. Their biggest issue is genetics.
  3. Now that it's gone before the executive board of the UIL, is it ok for someone to share what happened in TB and why all of this has come to pass? I know rumors can't be discussed, but once it's out in the open, should be fair game just like the Alto situation was.
  4. Uh, this seems serious.
  5. If he's cut out of the same cloth as his father, this would be a great hire.
  6. Man, I sure hope that UIL investigation doesn't ruin the proud history of Tom Bean! lol
  7. I remember being called a "honyaker" by Coach Randy Copeland years ago. Also remember him screaming "Gee Menaties" when he got frustrated with us. He wasn't prone to foul language so that was about as colorful as it ever got. I use both of those with my kids today. Great coach and man.
  8. Come back to the Lake Rio!!!
  9. Coach MacEachern has accepted the AD job in Pflugerville. This is a good job with great facilities and should garner quite a bit of interest.
  10. Have we given any thought to the fact that kids who grew up in this new soft #### era are now getting into the coaching profession and quit because it's "too hard". Old school coaches did the same things, and they were proud to do them. This new era is soft soft soft and runs when something gets the least bit hard. The wussification of America has trickled down into sports and coaching and we are seeing it here.
  11. Grown men with long coaching careers do not owe 16 and 17 year olds any type of respect. In fact, it's the other way around. You truly believe it is an adults job to earn a kids respect, but not a kids job to offer respect to adults? Contrary to popular belief, people who have lived more life typically know more than kids who have never even paid a light bill. In actuality, it's the kids job to earn respect from the coach, not the other way around. Once the kids earn that respect, the yelling begins to die down because the coach knows he doesn't have to ride the player as hard to get the desired results. But hey, I have been wondering why we've been seeing the erosion of Gilmer's program. Now I know.
  12. Soft TobinFrost kids these days. Too soft to take getting yelled at, hard enough to think they know more than the coach just because his last stop didn't win enough. The whole world is in decay and, as displayed here, adults are supporting the behavior. As a grown man, you should've ripped into their behinds and told them that if they listened as much as they talked, they may have had a chance to make a respectable showing against China Spring last season. But hey, can't have coaches yelling at kids, now can we.
  13. Hirschi had a great run last year and the school is closing, which should create an avenue for him to bring coaches with him who want to pick their own spot. I think this might be a really good hire for EF.
  14. DO NOT cross the Stepp!!! That'll get you thrown out of Texas!
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