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  1. If baca the new oc get ready for a lot of inside zone inside zone bubble screen action all game
  2. It's more talent in pittsburg than meets the eye just a lot of them was in the stands or moved elsewhere
  3. Heard may be some good news comingout tomorrow at noon fingers
  4. Winny gone shock these eagles fans can't wait to watch this game tomorrow
  5. I mean I was there and it looked like it went in to me
  6. Seeing camera angles where it look good seeing angles where it went left but in my eyes I squeezed through
  7. I was there look good to me not a dog in the fight just my opinion
  8. We suited 21 kids out for varsity at a 4a school kids wont play for him they either play soccer or wait for basketball
  9. Lol damn but i like the plays i done seen both teams have improved tremendously only wish my pirates had a coaching staff similar to both teams
  10. I will say i have seen some creative plays the last 3 weeks or so
  11. Depends on which coaching staff shows up as i said before winny goes as #1 and '8 go winny by a touch dowb
  12. As i said before winnsboro goes as #1 and #8 go period
  13. No reason to hang their head at all but that coach of theres should be hanging his no timeout management giving the ball twice inside the 15 thats on coaching period good job to the boys they did what they were supposed to do.
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