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  1. Way over due, looks good, a Ram logo would've looked better at midfield
  2. #13 Eagles would've been better this yr if he didn't get the wrong advice to enter the NFL draft
  3. Who told Eagles to leave Texas for the NFL draft, besides me, who else thought he wasn't gonna get drafted?
  4. Dave Campbell Magazine has all the Texas highschools enrollment count.
  5. Newton should be back stronger this yr in my opinion.
  6. It can be months down the roads and they will still say it's too early, I'm afraid this thing may never end and this will be the new norm.
  7. My bad, seems like Franklin use to be at one time tho
  8. If I said EF would be Waskom then so what, that's was my prediction, ain't no shame in that we lost to Waskom at all, I got much respect for Waskom and they know I do, but just like you making a prediction about this season is just your prediction, I'm not gonna dog you out about that, but go back and find where I said anything about how Waskom would mop the with on Franklin, I guarantee you won't find it, I got too much respect for our whole region to get embarrassed about my own words in that regard, plus I just predicted I think this yrs state champion will come out of our region man.
  9. Without football, Smoaky is dead, football is king on Smoaky lol
  10. They should have another good yr, our region is gonna be loaded again this yr, I believe this yrs state champion is coming out of our region.
  11. I agree, but maybe that was a job Meeks had his eye on before it came open.
  12. Based on what they have coming back, I got West Rusk.
  13. If their going off just this yr, Waskom got screwed out of the top 100.
  14. Major lose in production there
  15. EF graduated just 3 starters on offense, QB, 1 OL and 1 WR. Defense 1 DL and 1 LB
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