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  1. He was one of my favorite coaches at EF, coached every sport at EF
  2. I think Timpson was physical enough to win this game, but the game certainly shifted momentum when Busby slipped on that 4th down play, if he gets that first down, I believe Timpson uses up the clock and scores the winning TD, just my opinion.
  3. Great 2022 season Timpson, 2023 state Champs awaits.
  4. All of Timpson skill players are underclassmen, does anyone know how many Sr's are on the OL?
  5. Texas will not win this game if it's up to the passing game, Sark has got to pull the trigger if Ewers struggles again
  6. I would like to see a couple more WRs be significant besides Worthy
  7. ### has Ewers shown you that you see, he over throws every deep ball, poor foot work, can't move or run to scare anybody and he's scared to get hit, he'll he looked like he wanted to cry on the sidelines talking upstairs to the coaches, seriously he's just not the freshman QB we though we would see in this point of the season and if you think it's gonna get better at Kansas next week with Ewers, then you don't understand what you're watching.
  8. Exactly if Dabo Swinney had the balls to bench his starter, Sark should too, Sark is coaching feelings on one player instead of the team.
  9. I've seen true freshmen play 10 times better than Ewers, he's has enough games to get beyond the Ok-state game and Sark has coached well either, like is said Ewers is not hungry enough and is not the guy, the kid is already paid and that's his mindset, he'll he was paid in HS which I think ruins this kids on putting in the real work to be great, in his mind, he's already made it and that's the truth of the matter, plain and simple.
  10. The dude is not it and over hyped, he should not be the starter, if I'm Sark, I'm not coaching feelings any longer, Hudson is my starter the rest of the way til Manning gets on campus and then have a open competition.
  11. Man Ewers over threw Worthy all night, Ewers can not hit the deep ball to anyone
  12. Dabo Swinney benched his starting QB two weeks because he was playing horrible, the back up came in and won the game, but Dabo said he will remain the starter, just not in that game, Sark should've benched Ewers before halftime
  13. Ewers is definitely not the QB for Texas, one more pic and I would bench his TobinFrost.....Sark is calling a piss poor game, haven't run Robinson consistently enough
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