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  1. Lobos will make it a better game than the first meeting, but I think Ryan will still win
  2. That's our problem, Texas gets too many of these 5 star recruits that ain't as good as that rating they got, we need better developmental type coaches that knows how to recruit football players instead of a freakin star rating by these over hyped players that come to Texas thinking they're already that good before they step on campus, the days of Texas getting some hard nose working players coming in not taking the name for granted is long gone from this program, Texas needs a young up and coming coach staff to change the attitudes in the program and going after some hard nose football players and not a 5 star ranking
  3. If I remember correctly, Texas High won that game in a blowout right?
  4. Nick, how many 10-0 seasons has West Rusk had in school history?
  5. I heard the freshman is better than the Sr, which is his brother
  6. You think lol...why do alot of you Waskom fans like giving out final scores to y'alls games, why can't y'all be satisfied with a just a win, even if it's just by 1 pt is not good enough
  7. We lost to Alto that yr in the region final....Btw why did you delete your Waskom will win easily comment lol, I was just about to comment on it
  8. Maybe not even there, he had great potential only if he at least stayed one more yr at Texas to develop, he had a good breakout season, but had several drop passes that slowed him
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