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  1. Okay, newbie, you are so stupid and even though your team was has been in the playoffs in recent years, you personally are not accustomed to success. If your team loses a game, then you lost to the best. If you lose then that team that beat you was good but probably could not do it again. If your team wins then the teams that you beat were overrated or they played in weak districts. In case you did not know, at least up here in Northeast Texas, we have to play teams that are in our immediate geographical areas. We have not choice in who comprises our district. By the way, I am not ashame
  2. My feelings have nothing against the players or their coaches. Like I said, my feelings would not be understood. I would rather leave it at that.
  3. Some of the things that haunted THS were things that Crosby had nothing to do with such as consecutive false starts and things of that nature. Like I stated before, the way that Crosby runs their offense calls for the defense to be especially disciplined, especially on the corners. Our defensive backs, mainly the cornerbacks were not a factor at all in the game. My opinion all season was that the cornerbacks were going to be the downfall of the team eventually. Crosby in not going anywhere near a championship giving up 455 yards to the pass alone. You have your opinion and I respect that
  4. From viewing THS all season I felt like the cornerbacks were our biggest weakness on defense. The left corner got torched for three or four passes by not playing his responsibility. The Tigers could not run the ball effectively. The OL did decent against the pass rush but got almost nothing on run plays. #13, the sophomore running back ran fairly well in the second half. Crosby's two backfield mates are really good and their offensive scheme is tailor made for their abilities. They spread out the defense and attack the spaces that are created and then its one on one. Also, some of their
  5. I watched portions of the PT game while watching THS and LC. The Pirates played much better than they did against THS. The Pirate QB was killing the opponent with his feet and the defense came up big when they had to. GO Pirates!
  6. The decision to put Carthage in another district was a surprise to me. I could not see how, according to attendance and geography, how they could not have been put in the District of Doom. But then again, a good team or two would not have made the playoffs.
  7. I personally wish that Carthage would have been able to remain in Division 1. A contest between them and Argyle would have been the premier game probably in all classifications and Gilmer would have been playing someone else for the Division 2 title. That way, Beast Texas would have ruled both divisions like they had done previously in two of the last three years with PG and Carthage. I really believe that the attendance numbers were set to break up the Beast Texas hold on class 4A with Carthage and PG the odds on favorites to repeat as champions in the preseason.
  8. LC was filling the gaps and bringing an extra man on the outside and up the middle. That had the offensive line off all night and they could not locate and block the rushers. I did not understand some of the THS play calling also. The OL has to pick it up from here on out and there are some players that have got to keep their tempers in check. They should have had a couple of unsportsmanlike penalties called against them that were not. QB was definitely off with high throws and one of the wide receivers has to stop sulking when he does not get the ball because the QB had defenders in his
  9. I saw a AMC game on YouTube and they looked pretty salty to me. PT has to play better than they did against Texas High or they will get blown totally out.
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