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  1. They lost a great wide reciever to Arkansas High after the season ended. Great athlete and he ended up being one of the fastest in the state of Arkansaas in the short sprints.
  2. I don't agree. The 10 times crap is easy to say but not a certainty. If, if, if.......
  3. JFizzle, the game was in the internet, the world, wide, web. That is why the internet addresses start with www.
  4. You are worse than your announcers. It just not in your nature to be objective and give GR credit for making Carthage play a crappy game. There were two teams on the field last night.
  5. I expect more than just an iota of objectivity since they are broadcasting on a platform that reaches across the nation.
  6. I gladly accept the award! Thank you very much JFizzleOut!
  7. Not totally impossible because that is exactly what GR did. They dominated both sides of the trenches.
  8. The Carthage announcers on NFHS did not once say anything positive about GR. It was either GR was lucky, sub-par, or Carthage was excellent. Carthage was clearly outplayed and dominated in the second half. The game officials let Carthage get away with some questionable actions like one of their offensive players throwing an elbow to the head of a GR player that was down on the turf. The best team did not win this game, but that is how it goes sometimes.
  9. It is not difficult to figure out who he might be speaking of.
  10. GR will have to dominate both lines of scrimmage to have a chance to win this game. That is how it always was and always is. Carthage got dominated on the lines of scrimmage last season and that is why they lost.
  11. Carthage has a great team. Carthage has garbage fans. They remind me of Gilmer fans when they too thought that they were invincible and got brought back to earth by LE in 2006. I attended the game and sat on the Carthage side of the stadium, and you wouldn't believe all of the crying and belly aching that I observed. All of this happened while they were clearly winning the game. Nevertheless, the only way to shut them up is to beat them. They are not invincible. We found that out last season. PG now faces a reality check going forward into the future. The Hawks will be in the playoffs next season. They don't lose much, returning 18 starters, but what they lose in those other 4 starters is a lot of quality. My concern is what is the offensive identity going to be. If they are going to run the spread/rpo, it is not going to work. If they go back wholeheartedly to the wing t, that is not going to work either. The overall play calling is questionable like the play that was called on the 4th and 1 play in the first. How about the multiple plays that were called rolling the quarterback out to the left side of the field putting him out of position to accurately throw the ball due to him being right-handed. Gibson seems to only want to throw the ball in hopes of catching the defense by surprise. Several times PG had a receiver open, but the quarterback never saw him and threw the ball elsewhere. The Hawks just don't have enough experience in attempting to run a wide-open offense. After next season when Johnson, Boardley, and company are gone then what is Gibson going to do?
  12. It does not really matter if it was the semis or the finals. You lost.
  13. Riddle me this Batpeople. I have read recently that Carthage has a winning streak of over 40 consecutive games. How can that be if Carthage got beat last season in the state title game?
  14. Texarkana Gameday on YouTube and Facebook will be streaming the Pleasant Grove and Carthage game and Longview Gameday on the two same venues will be streaming the Longview and Mansfield Timberview game.
  15. Texarkana Gameday on Facebook and YouTube will be streaming Pleasant Grove and Carthage and Longview Gameday on Facebook and YouTube will be streaming the Longview Lobos playoff game from Mesquite.
  16. I meant to say that what Coach Gibson is doing at PG is better than what is at THS.
  17. Transfers out of the Texas High program is not a problem. PG is getting players, just about all of their star players from Liberty Eylau. That is the Texarkana program that is clearly hurting. Coach Gibson at PG has instilled a mentality in his program that is not as strong at Texas High. Last season, grades were the problem at Tigerland and was probably an issue this season also. I noticed prominent Tiger players who were not on the field in the bi-district loss against Terrell. If their players don't care enough to study, first to improve their lives, and secondly to stay eligible for football then the Tigers are going to be handicapped every year around playoff time. LE has the same problem and I know this because I sub there. I know that the coaches try to monitor the player's grades but, in the end, it is up to the student. During the season, the players are just waiting for game day and their grades don't matter to them. If LE had their players that are at PG, both Carthage and Gilmer would be on the lookout for the Leopards and not PG. The Tiger players must buy in to the totality of improving themselves with serious workouts in the offseason and, basically try to become a more well-rounded individual. Also, off the field, family affluence plays a part in the lives of the players and that is something that a teenager cannot control or the coaching staff for that matter. Lastly, no one in our district can control the strength of the other teams in this district. Outside of non-district games, we all have to play within our immediate geographic area. Tyler, Texarkana, and Longview are the largest cities in this area and everybody else, except Marshall are small towns. Pine Tree is in competition with the Lobos and two other teams in the Longview area for players. Tyler Lee and John Tyler are probably losing players to Whitehouse and Tyler Chapel Hill is the only program in that metropolitan area that has exhibited any winning consistency. When our teams get the playoffs, we are all playing teams from larger cities or ones that are closer to super large cities no matter whether go West or South starting with the bi-district games. There is not a whole lot that can be done to improve the state of 5A Div 2 football in this area IMHO.
  18. You should be ashamed of yourself. Athletes and students in general at PG, are blessed to have many, many advantages that simply do not exist at LE. Why didn't your coach not accept your qb that transferred to PG after the football season when he was in the eighth grade? That would have been better for LE and a lot of your "culture" people at PG were ticked off that he was transferring in taking opportunity from your "culture players. How many starters were on your team last season that came from LE? According to some LE players, who told me this to my face that there were nine players who came from LE. How many are starting or on the team this season? We all know what the real deal is at PG. A certain "non-cultured" person was instrumental in upgrading the PG athletic program in all sports. LE hired the wrong coach to replace Steve Wells who probably only left LE because of animus between him and the LE superintendent who hired the stooge who came in to "change the culture." Those words were his, not mine. He changed the culture alright turning that program to a losing program. As far as your "transfer portal" goes, I hope you realize that once the player reaches high school, they cannot transfer for athletic reasons without having to sit out a season. If you are speaking of Prevo, forget it. A posting on social media by someone who knows him very well, stated that he is not going anywhere. The only way that he can transfer without having to sit out a calendar year. Pathetic...
  19. Try Texarkana Gameday on Facebook. I'm not sure but it is a possibility or on Texarkana Gameday on Youtube.
  20. For everyone's information, Texas High's faculty, staff, and campus police monitor the Texas High student sections at all home football and basketball games. I haven't been to volleyball games. They don't allow what WH does.
  21. In both games Crosby played vs TH they never stopped the TH passing game. LV wide receivers gonna feast.
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