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  1. Pulling for LE but Leopards won't be able to overcome the game officials.
  2. The running back that was lost was not the best one on the team. IMHO, he should not have been starting anyway.
  3. Whitehouse - Need I say more? Hallsville - They still play "Dixie" as their school fight song.
  4. My spaceship is older than the Starship Enterprise!
  5. Cool, I stand corrected! If I am this incorrect, then I hope that I can find my way to their stadium! Louisiana is like a foreign country to me!
  6. The senior starter at RB was injured so look for the other the freshman and the soph to pick up the slack. They are better than the senior IMHO. The soph is bigger and both are faster. Blink and they both are gone.
  7. The school that THS is playing is C. E. Byrd High School located in Benton Louisiana. That is the same school that beat the brakes off of Pleasant Grove last Friday.
  8. Yes, Johnson was a LE quarterback/defensive back and transferred to PG right after football season ended. What I don't understand is that one of his teammates tried to transfer and the HC/AD at LE would not release him, allegedly. The next year that same player and his brothers were taken out of LEISD and enrolled at Texas High. They all were ineligible to play football immediately and had to wait a whole calendar year to be able to play varsity. Why didn't Johnson have to sit out like the others did? Some current LE football players told me last week that PG has 11 former LE players on its team with 9 of them starting. Texas high has at least two former LE players on its varsity team and both of them were former starters for LE. It is not the LE supporters are staking their future on one player but when you add Johnson in along with all of the others that are elsewhere and add that along with the great talent that is left (LE did make the playoffs), they a coach has the opportunity to build a program the way that it has been done at both Carthage and Gilmer. LE has been on a serious run of football talent since 1997 at least (state champions in 1999). PG players used to have to go to Texas High when the PG community decided to establish its own high school. When Texas High won state in 2002 they had many PG players on their team. Also, the PG community was 95% Caucasian except for the Wamba Community. They played good, tough, hardnosed football back then just like they do now. The difference now is that they have the Black players who, with their parents, have moved in to the PG community and other Black students started transferring in from the other schools. The PG HC/AD attempted to go to a more of a wide open offense the season before their first state title I think. It was a disaster and the coach went back to the current offense that the Hawks are running. Ben Harmon, the state title quarterback, and Johnson are two entirely different football players. IMHO, Johnson, with all the different things that he can do as a quarterback, is better suited to a more open and complex offensive scheme like the other schools in Texarkana run. I doubt that Johnson will reach his fullest potential at PG but all things considered, he will do well. PG, I don't believe, will change their offense completely to accommodate Johnson. PG has probably lost a qb because Johnson transferred there. They had a good qb that played against Johnson and LE as 8th graders. I don't know what happened there but that qb is not the freshman that replaced Johnson when he got injured in the first game of the season. I am sure that some people at PG were not delighted to see Johnson transfer in. With Johnson and the others LE would have been the team with great potential over the next three years and not neccessarily PG.
  9. Congrats to the Tigers tonight. The defense really showed up despite two starters out due to grades. They could have possibly made a difference in the outcome of the game but we should have won the game with the defense that was on the field and played so very well. Our HC/AD left the passing plays back in Texarkana. Sometimes you must pass the ball to open up lanes for the running game and not always the other way around. I would honestly be surprised if Crosby wins state because #10 is really their only threat on offense. Their fans have criticized the Tigers for supposedly playing in a weak district. Looks to me like Crosby is the one that played in a weak district for that offense to have amassed so many yards and get held to ONE touchdown tonight. Their fans are spoiled by their team's success. I sat on their side and they were surprised that they were held to 3 points at halftime. I told them that we are not Marshall and they are not going to blow us out. Their defense probably played their best game tonight looking at how many points they were giving up. #40 gave us fits all night.
  10. If your numbers are correct, #77's loss will hurt the o-line, #16 has been a pleasant surprise and steady all season, but his loss, I believe can be overcome. #27's loss means more playing time for a player that is just as good that got a late start due to transfer rules and he has a Big 12 scholarship offer since the 10th grade and the loss of #1 only means that we go with the same wide receivers that we had the first seven weeks of the regular season. All this means is that we have to rely on our depth. #27 is a linebacker and that is probably the only position group where we have not been affected by injury but we have a big, fast, talented replacement ready to go. Believe me, it would be in error if the team lost the game because these players didn't play.
  11. To all Tiger fans and other doubters...Do not fret, all is not lost even if what has been alleged is true. Texas High is almost as healthy at this point in the season as they have been all year. The only injury concerns are the third and fourth string running backs that got hurt in mop up duty last Friday and they may be good to go. We have had starters out at various times during the season due to injury. The affect or effect of losing a player due to grades or injury is the same. No one is playing both ways so depth should not be a problem if what the allegations made on this thread are true. It is next man up and I believe that the Tigers will be just fine. This is the first time all season that this issue of grades has been voiced all year. Let us not pay too much attention to this issue and support this team and have confidence in them. Go Tigers!
  12. Congratulations to Marshall on a very, very successful season. TH is focused on PNG, not Crosby. The Crosby vs Carthage game is old history and probably means more to Carthage fans than anyone else. Ancient, irrelevant history. See you all on the banks on the Cane River next Friday evening!
  13. It was dirty, I was there, I saw it, he beat on them with his fists, you would no like it if it was your qb, we are in the playoffs, I could care less what you think garbage man.
  14. LE's offense is not that good and they live and die with the big play. The LE defense has forced an unusual amount of turnovers this season and they must do the same against PG. I hope LE wins but I believe PG will win. PG has an injured qb that came from LE as an 8th grader. If LE had him and the other players that transferred out PG would be a different team. Gilmer is eventually going to get its well deserved idiot slapping and they should be proud of the fact that they have the dirtiest player on the d-line that I have seen in a long time. He pinned both LE qbs down and beat on them after interceptions. I won't publish his number but you all in Gilmerland know who he is.
  15. They have a sophomore that will be eligible next week that started for Liberty Eylau as a freshman last season before transferring last season. He is tall and fast and has good hands. It remains to be seen how he is utilized an fits in the offense at this point in the season. He has a brother that is becoming eligible also that plays safety, linebacker, and running back.
  16. Mavs are better this year, THS is not. Mav coach snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with the surprise on-call kick which gave THS great field position. The Mav kicker would have booted the kickoff in to the end zone for a touchback and THS would have gotten the ball at the 25 yard line instead of the 50.
  17. What difference does that make? LV has 3 times the number of students enrolled than the private school. That school is still kicking butt in Arkansas. Private or not, everyone is beatable.
  18. Several years ago LV hosted North Little Rock High School which was one of the best teams, overall, in Arkansas. NLR had a running back that went on to sign with Alabama. I think that he may have barely rushed for around 100 yards. I attended that game which LV won. The difference in the game I believe was that NLR had never played against a team with the overall team speed, especially on defense, that LV possessed. This year's edition of the Lobos is not the same caliber of the Lobos then but this is probably going to be a decent game. Don't be surprised about the outcome of this game either way. Bryant is an excellent program and a state champion the last two seasons I believe. Don't get too overconfident because of what you think you know or actually don't know about Arkansas football. A team came out of Little Rock a few years ago and beat Highland Park in Dallas stopping their long home winning streak. Just saying...
  19. On the local radio show Leaving The Yard, Arkansas High AD/HC Barry Norton stated on the air the following: 1. He and the TASD superintendent had discussed the game in light of the COVID issue and also in light of some state governmental positions in the State of Arkansas 2. He stated that he and the Texas High AD/HC had discussed playing the game and that the decision was mutual and was cordial. 3. Mr. Norton lamented the alleged fact that the people who were complaining about the game not being played were individuals who "probably had not ever had to make and important decision in their life." 4. Mr. Norton was against playing the game with few or no spectators and streaming the game because in his opinion, that would have cheated the band, pep squat ect., of the game experience. IMHO, he is full of it and other than dealing with possible directives from the State of Arkansas and his statement about the Texas High coach he is just plain wrong. I don't think that any sub-varsity games were played. That fact is one thing that is hurting his squad this season because they played no sub-varsity games last season and experience is hurting them as a team. Texas High, looks to me like they really had no choice in the matter. His condescending attitude about fans never in their lives ever having to make a important or life affecting decision is just plain wrong. I know that there are others on this forum besides myself who have made those types of decisions many times in their personal and professional lives. The game could have been played with just the bands and pep squads present with no fans and streamed over the local streaming services. The bands could have performed and all of the students could have cheered on their respective team. I don't know about Arkansas High's band but at this time of the year the Texas High band's halftime routine is basically practice for their upcoming marching competitions. I did not hear any commitment about playing the game next year but Mr. Norton is well aware of the difference that the size of enrollment makes in building a football program. After all, he had been on both sides of this coin. Never-the-less he was open to playing the game if it is felt that the Hogs are going to have several good classes coming through their pipeline.
  20. Until L.E. proves that it can move the ball and score on offense and reduce turnovers I will go with their opponents every time this season and next. They have lost so many top players to other schools in Texarkana and it could take two or three years at the earliest to recover. Every so often they have once in a generation players come through the program at the same time. This happened but now those players are elsewhere and the reasons that this has, and continues to happen goes in many directions. A real dysfunctional situation.
  21. Most of the time no one team dominates another team 100% of the time. Every dog has his day. Going with Legacy.
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