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  1. Henderson will be fine this year and next year, we just have to see thru the next following years.
  2. Carthage going to be Carthage so I say they play for number 9 and keep breaking records.
  3. True but Henderson already has enough talented receivers,not takeing nothing from the guy but Henderson already has three good receivers not saying no names and also the new QB Hendersons getting has a twin brother that plays WR and that's coming with him,so the QB is not the only one Henderson getting, they also getting another WR. That looks very talented as well, Somewhere in secondary he has a spot I just hope they work on the offensive line,that's important.
  4. I heard the new coach Hendersons getting did win states in 6 a with the other teams like Denton Guyer and the other one but didn't have success at Crowley, with Henderson haveing few talents from last year's added with a new coach and now a D1 QB that is what Henderson needed, last year's wasn't up the part and didn't have a D1 QB at that time.i believe Kilgore and Henderson going to be hard to beat in district this year, don't know nothing on Lindale since Jenkins Grad. And don't know nothing on Palis, nor Chill.
  5. Dnt know why they didn't put the live game on NFHS, to me it just was a waste of money this time, plus cable got cut off, just listen to ya guys on the score.
  6. That's crazy for a team and even a coach to not accept the L. I thought I was a sore loser towards Henderson lol this guy/coach got me beat lol
  7. Why don't they just put it on NFHS?? Some of us may have their cable and internet cut off lol like me and I do have NFHS on phone.
  8. I hope Jennings is healthy and that will be a great game.
  9. Really it wasn't Lindale that made that many mistakes it was LBJ that made most of the mistakes, and you are correct that Lindale needs to use up big chunks of the clock on long drives.
  10. Not saying that Argyle not fast, they are and has a very good RB but Lindale is going to play their hearts from making it this far and farest they ever had so far so Lindale going to compete.
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