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  1. Hadn't really seen to much on LBJ not many games but I think y'all can beat them but it's one game at a time,my opinion is that El Campo looks tougher than LBJ but that's that tho.
  2. The team seems to play better when they in the game,LCM looks very good as well, it should be a good game, Im thinking which team wins this game will end up in State, I think both teams would beat LBJ, the state will be hard, Stevenville and Melissa battling it out and both teams beat Argyle, Melissa beat them in the season/ maybe district and Stevenville eliminate Aryle in the playoffs.
  3. Yes, but that's when Chapel Hill didn't bring there Freshman QB nor the Freshman RB, i say if the Freshman QB and RB were in there early I think they maybe would of won District, I think they started in the Henderson game and all the way thru now, its a different Chapel Hill team since the Freshman QB and RB duel, it seems to bring the whole team to gel, they gel at right time.
  4. Yea I forgot y'all plays West Orange Starke it's in the same area, I lived in West Orange few years back and I ran into the town LCM, I wasn't familiar with Orange but I remember living up there last year and the year before, I like it in Orange and wants to move back later but the only thing I don't like it about up there it floods, and when it rains it's bad, other than that I love up there, close to Shreveport Louisiana, Lake Charles about 8 miles from Orange and I enjoyed going to boats and Casino every week lol I stayed on the slot machines.
  5. Yea it will be another good game when that comes, bright future for both teams for the following year.
  6. I dnt know of either team had faced any speed compared to one another, don't think LCM seen speed like Chill, El Campo looks like they had speed but not as much as Chill, Chill to me looks faster, it just El Campo was mostly one deminional and the backs from El Campo looks more power runners, they had speed but to me El Campo had tough RBs, to me Chill backs are faster than El Campos backs but El Campos backs were stronger runners, looks bigger.
  7. I'm watching LCM Vs El Campo and LCM looks the part, to me they look tougher than Vider, but did Vider beat LCM and are they in same district, Chapel Hill looks like they has to play all 4 quarters, Chill has alot of speed as well so it's going to be a good game,I'm rooting for District 9 the D.O.D. to win it and hope Chill do it for there team, town, and for District 9 D.O.D. let's good Chapel Hill!!! I knew this Chapel Hill team were special and hope they make it to State and winning it all,good luck.
  8. Kilgore has, had a great team and I watch the game with Chill, Kilgore didn't look one dimensional to me but two over times it was a good close game,just Chill pulled it off, that game it could easy went either way.
  9. I have respect for Kilgore but.... This a different Chill team since the Freshman QB, it can be a different game than last time or very close, I say Chill wins it in a close game and revenges the lost from the District game, Chill can't stop Kilgore's RB but maybe they can contain him.
  10. Yea man I agree and doing good things at a Freshman and that talented yea I think it be a tough game this go route vs Kilgore, watch The Freshman QB from Chill show Out, really believe it will be a different game.
  11. Chill coaches are good coaches they got the freshman QB and freshman RB that was underfeated few years back and they a complete different team, I think the freshman QB and RB as started from the Henderson game, and I believe this Chill team could take care of Kilgore.
  12. Dont know much of the RiceBirds this year but I hear they are pretty solid, but if they are one dimensional then Lindale will win, Lindales has a pretty salty defense also, this would be a good match up tho.
  13. Kilgore, I don't know to much of Stafford this year but I remember in 2016 Stafford was a good team till they faced Carthage I think, but they were just as good as the 2016 Henderson was, I wish they would have faced off that year and that game would of been a very good game if they had faced off.
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