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  1. Football just around the corner very optimist this season, I'm more interested as well as the kids, let's see how this season with new coaches and few new players plays out, have a great feeling Henderson going to be really good this season, let's see how well they do in the scrimmages first off.Henderson Coaches from what I see has the players in right positions but only tell once scrimmages.
  2. Very True, I hope they get that Offensive line worked out.
  3. No team is Carthage, there's only one Carthage.
  4. Who knows, I bet Henderson can get to state for a few years and this year.
  5. Thank you for letting the room know,and why I'm so optimist, not saying that Hendo will win State, but it can happen, most new coach staff takes few years but , let just say if theses coaches are good coaches no Mather on past team they been without winning seasons, but if you look at the staffs that made them successful than anything can happen, it be different if a coach has never been on a winning staff before.Lets just see how its going when kick offs and few games.
  6. Anyways who cares about your point, when this new seasons starts then you really can say what you want to say, all past games and teams losses and wins would be thrown out the window.
  7. Maybe there defense needed work, I don't know wasn't at the games in Crowley.
  8. Just think the new coaches can do a better job than last coaches, it's not just according to me, I'm pretty sure it's most of Hendersons residents would say the same, hard to put anything on Offense no matter what team Hendersons played, even hard when they played Mabank, come on man!! Lol, you maybe need to stay off the caffeine in drinking coffee and switch to Decaf, sounds so Pisxed, you sound like a parent mad cause your kid didn't get to play, hope things workout for you and prayers to you,gees sounding on the edges there lol.
  9. Well whatever, let's just wait for the season then we all can say.
  10. The Assistant head coach/offense coach that was with Brewer OC, is with Henderson OC now so that stats to me that's on that team, not with Henderson.Whenever the kick off begins that's when we would know, until now that's just that.Last years the old coaches had kids in wrong spots, Offense line wasn't set correctly and wasn't prepared, maybe due to the COVID situations but let's just say Henderson will be better than last year's.
  11. Suppose to be but again the QB from last year is a senior this year, so I don't know what happens, hopes it's the coaches son.
  12. Kilgore will be up there this year, very competitive.
  13. Surely Henderson can use last year's QB as a corner back FS position or back up QB.if I was a coach that's what I would do.
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