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  1. Absolutely. Dfield gets and always has gotten incredible talent. I think at one point in the 90’s there were 4-5 guys in the NFL all from Dfield. Thomas Everett, David Whitmore, Greg Evans, and David Mims. Was Eric Everett in the league for a bit too? Think about that...a town of like 1,500 with 4-5 dudes playing in the NFL all at the same time.
  2. Chesters bathtub gin! Mixes great with Sprite on a muggy Friday night deep in the woods of Tyler County at the spacious Aubrey Bradley Stadium
  3. Good morning! Get the day started with 6 cups of coffee and a top lip dip of Copenhagen!
  4. Wow didn’t realize Hallsville went 0-10 last year. That’s hard to do
  5. I can guarantee you that didn’t happen
  6. Wow they’ve got 2 lefties?? No wonder they’re solid
  7. Does Rusk have a quality #2 pitcher?
  8. Fine by me my good brother!
  9. Lots of beautiful ladies out there for sure; everyone of them smells like raspberry stew
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