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  1. Yessir! Back when rap was rap!
  2. Five years ago this wouldn’t have even been news. Sounds to me like Gunter needs a good DJ Screw concert to bring the townspeople together
  3. I actually run a daycare in Longview in fierce competition with yours lol
  4. That normally consists of people that know absolutely nothing about football
  5. What was that question you proposed? Sorry I missed it. I can certainly see the church thing; typical small town stuff that’s dealt with in every small town
  6. That’s certainly a fair observation
  7. 22-40. What makes the powers that be in Henderson think that the new guy is all of a sudden going to come in and win 11 games?
  8. I somewhat agree, but if you’re attempting to compare Henderson to Allen then that’s wrong. From afar, I get the gist that Henderson thinks they can be Carthage. That’s not happening. How many 16-0 seasons has Henderson had? An 11 win season in Henderson is incredible...heck an 11 win season ANYWHERE is incredible... and Castles had 3 of them in 8 years. P.S. I’d be willing to bet that the majority of people in Henderson aren’t very happy with how all this went down.
  9. I just have a hard time concurring with your statement that the program was falling apart. He has 1 bad year (in a year that was 2020) and everything is falling apart, kids are moving away, etc? Cmon man I’m not buying that for 1 second. As I mentioned earlier, Castles averaged 8 wins a year during his Henderson tenure. I’m beginning to think he may have been the victim of the new superintendent’s “personal” agenda; not the first time and certainly not the last time something like that will happen in small town Texas
  10. Agreed. Sometimes a change is good for all involved
  11. I certainly may be jumping the gun, and the new guy may be the next Scott Surratt, but man you can’t argue that Castles was a very successful coach
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