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  1. Will Jacksonville ever be relevant again?
  2. Can’t even imagine the speed and athleticism on the field at this one
  3. Van O line will be moving the Wildcats out like they’re on skates.
  4. Olympic caliber athletes all over the field at this doozy
  5. Gosh you are not a very intelligent person. “I don’t know who he think he is”. What in the holy crap is that mess? I swear if I had the lack of grammatical ability that you have, I would steer clear from posting on a public forum; very embarrassing man!
  6. Groveton is just another example of a small Texas town that was a relevant football power at one time, but is now completely dried up. Sad but true.
  7. The great Mike Thomas is well acquainted with JA from their time at Kirbyville together; guess Coach Thomas turned this one down, but look for him to come on staff with JA as the OC. Don’t be surprised to see Dink McCormick brought on as the O line coach. He was Thomas’ right hand man in his stellar one year stint in Cushing. McCormick is one of the most brilliant, underrated O line coaches in all of Texas.
  8. Admin is absolutely locked in on one guy and that guy is the great Mike Thomas. He will bring his vaunted “I” attack to Longhorn land and steamroll all that get in his way. I don’t know who talked this legend off of his Angus ranch in Lilbert and back on to the sideline, but they did Marshall right!
  9. Oh man that’s terrible news. How old was he?
  10. Matt Stepp will soon be reporting that the great Mike Thomas is accepting this job. He was spotted in western Hopkins county unloading a trailer full of rowdy Holstein bulls into a pasture of a farm out there he recently purchased. Get ready to go on a wild, winning ride Cumby!
  11. Man Tyner went to no football school? I didn’t know that
  12. How are things coming along in Tiger land Greezy? Is Tyner tough to work for? I hear he’s like Jerry Jones; always meddling in the coach’s job.
  13. Jasper gets quite possibly the best athletes in the state. Barbay isn’t much of a coach not being able to win there
  14. Word in Eagle land is the great Mike Thomas is getting restless on his polled Hereford ranch in Lilbert. Look for Thomas to take this job within the week. Thomas is a brilliant offensive mind who will get Tatum back to the glory days. Great hire Tatum!
  15. They haven’t played anyone near the likes of Gunter yet either
  16. Cmon Retiredfan, I thought you learned your lesson picking against Gunter in 2016 when you took Boling (along with a lotta other folks on this site) lol! You could very well be right in your pick, but Gunter is THE best coached team in the state! I certainly look for this one to be a barn burner, but in the end Gunter will be too much for the Lions! IMO of course!
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