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  1. All East Texas 5A’s & 6A’s are out in week 2 of playoffs. When’s the last time that happened ?
  2. Liberty Eylau. Takes a special person to do what they did this year with all of that talent. j/k sabine coach Spring Hill coach Texas High coach Alto Coach Harleton Coach Palestine coach Longview coach & what he’s been able to maintain throughout the years...also has the states longest winning streak I believe they all did an awesome Job this year and deserve to be recognized. It will be hard to pick in my opinion!
  3. I knew we would struggle to stop them. Haven’t stopped anyone in 2 years. Good season kiddos.
  4. I think we handle up on them pretty well. We can out score them for sure. Not sure what their offense is like! Go Riders
  5. I’m very surprised at the turnaround in Palestine. I’ve always felt like they had a lot of talent.
  6. Heard the old sheriff is up for election! And he’s currently winning in the polls! Election coming in February!
  7. Liberty Eylau is a long way away from what they used to be. Hope they can turn it around soon but it doesn’t look likely. Going with Spring Hill. Has SH ever beat LE?
  8. District of Doom As I said weeks ago, Carthage is in a class of their own and everyone else is average or below average! Good win Palestine
  9. Down year for the Tigers. Next year’s recruiting class is loaded.
  10. Well darn. Good luck anyway. You guys are having a great season seems like.
  11. Let’s go Sabine !! Make sure your kids with dreads score a few TD’s too!!
  12. Is LE just low on talent right now? How are the 9th/JV teams ?
  13. Y’all got a dog on good defensive coordinator and Meeks is one of the best offensive minded coaches I’ve ever seen. pulling for Alto all year!
  14. Got 99 problems, but a bus inspection sticker ain’t 1 !!
  15. Heard the real Queen resides in Pittsburg. Daingerfield queen just a puppet
  16. Well why won’t they just hire him? I heard he’s selling turkey legs in Longview. Just go find him and give him a contract Monday.
  17. This year’s Garrison team is a good team but probably won’t experience the success they had last year. Alto seems to be a lot better than what I expected and could probably beat Garrison again at a neutral site in November. Then you have SA who is pretty loaded as well.
  18. Don’t worry, the captain of the Daingerfield ship will be back very very soon from what I hear.
  19. Wait a minute. Who was signing autographs? Lol
  20. Coming into tonight we’ve given up 43 ppg. That number will be 46-48 after tonight
  21. Not looking too good tonight. If we can solve the turnover problem that would help us offensively. Defense can’t be fixed in 2019.
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