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  1. Gilmer has been the underdog all year. It's fine we get it. Just adds fuel to the fire. These young men are determined to prove everyone wrong. I hope they win and I hope they make a statement. It's been a huge accomplishment just for them to even make it this far. I hope the coaches and players get that hardware and bring it back to G Town.
  2. Not wrong at all. BB scored the first TD with their D not with their O.
  3. Watched a couple of the Bellville games and they are very disciplined. That D line is stout. But also that D does not look that fast overall. Wimberley QB is not very fast and still was able to move the ball well. If we can get our playmaker in space I like our chances. This is a very interesting match-up. Can't wait for Friday to get here.
  4. Let's go Buckeyes! Gonna be another good game here. Safe travels to all the fans tonight. Go Bux!!
  5. We wouldn't have it any other way this year lol...This game could be a shootout for sure. I think we will get enough stops to seal this one. GR is scrappy and I expect it to be a good game.
  6. I would love to see this happen. Everyone just needs to stay focused on this week if you want to make it to the big show.
  7. I agree that win should build these guys up a lot. I been hearing all year these guys are hungry and want it bad. So far they are doing what they need to 1 game at a time. They have come a long way.
  8. It's a very nice venue to play at. We played there several years back against Sweetwater. You will like it.
  9. I think this will be another good game. GR looks to be a scrappy bunch from the games I have watched. They sure like to pass the ball around. Just have to apply pressure on the QB and limit the big plays. They got behind pretty good in that Seminole game, but figured some stuff out and came back to win by couple TDs. Need to make sure we keep good coverage. With that being said I like Gilmers chances. Go Bux!!
  10. Ask and you shall receive. This is for your friend.
  11. Dawgs yall have an awesome team and a program that lots of people envy. Great O line, Young QB with a ton of potential, a hard running RB, and a stout Defense. Gilmer as a community really needed this win. After everything that Gilmer has gone through recently. This win right now means more than you know. All is good for a moment in a dark time. We don't know what next week will bring but for this night we will get to enjoy a single moment. This was a great game between 2 outstanding programs. Go BUX!
  12. Great game and a battle till the end. Great night for this young team and a heck of an achievement for anyone. Everyone counted Gilmer out but they never lost their composier when they made mistakes. Kept grinding and eventually it paid off. Enjoy the night fellas and on to the next game. Go Buckeyes!
  13. Yes sir it's a nice day for some Football. I can't wait for kickoff tonight. Win or Lose it has been a good season for these young Buckeyes. Safe travels to everyone tonight. Go Bux!!
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