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  1. Its SC Game Day in 2020! Thankful and Blessed to have this opportunity as a fan and for the community. Win, Lose, or Draw I'm Proud of this Buckeye Program and everything they have done. This is the very last game of this season. Play Hard, Play Smart, and Play with Heart! Safe Travels to everyone today. We are rolling down I20 with our Black Flags Flying. Good luck my friends! GO BUX!!!
  2. Good Luck Lindale! Hope yall get the upset. Going to be an extremely tough game against Argyle no doubt. Just to make it this far and have a shot is a great accomplishment in itself.
  3. Its Game Day Buckeyes!! Its all gonna come down to this game right here right now. Play hard, play smart, and leave it all on the field fellas. Good luck tonight and safe travels to everyone tonight. See yall at the game my friends. GO BUX!!
  4. Yeah these things mean absolutely nothing, but they are fun to look at. Just a good conversation starter lol. I would be really surprised if this was a 1 score game. Not knocking Graham they are a good team. I just dont see they hanging with us all game.
  5. Well Steers it looks like DC is throwing yall a bone this week. They have Gilmer as a negative -2 for this game lol. So they are favoring you. Stepp has us winning by 12. I just dont see this game being that close, but stranger things do happen. Just a little food for thought here. This means nothing just another opinion. GO BUX!!
  6. I'll take Gilmer by 2 TD's. From what I've watched of Graham. They are a solid team and plays a pretty clean game. With that being said I dont think they will have enough to take down this Buckeye Team. Gilmer is a lot faster and more explosive. Looking forward to the game on Friday.
  7. Its Game Day Buckeyes! Time to light up the score board. This is what yall have worked for. Play hard and leave it all on the field tonight. 1 game at a time and tonight is that game. Handle business fellas. Safe travels to everyone traveling to the games. I'll see yall there. GO BUX!!
  8. A little food for thought this morning. DC has Gilmer favored by 5 in this game. Take it how you want to. I'm thinking this will be a close game, but I think Gilmer will come out on top around 7-14 in the end.
  9. Exactly just need to keep him bottled up. Our chances increase a lot if we can do that. We've got play makers everywhere just can't get sloppy. D is playing a lot better as we go. Always room for improvement though. I probably over think everything sorry it's just the nature of the beast lol.
  10. Oh I know what we've done all year playing subvarsity players. I've usually watch every game live and another during the week to see what was missed lol. Last game I missed in person was back in 2015. I know the stats aren't what they show, but they are what they are. BT is a great QB and so is TT. Most teams spy on BT for a reason. We will have to do the same this game against TT. He is a huge part of their offense. We stop him it puts us on the right side. Main thing I was looking at is his rushing yards which were over 1200. Pretty impressive season regardless. We just have to stay focused
  11. If you look at the stats of TT for this year he actually has a better passing completion rating than BT. He also has more rushing yards than BT as well. He will have to be contained for sure. If our D line can hold up we can make them force the ball down field and will have to rely on our secondary. Our DBs need to make sure they play the ball more. Most of the time they never turn around to find the ball. Too worried about staying toe to toe in the foot race. I'm sure our DC will have the guys ready and focused for this game. It's going to be an interesting game for sure.
  12. I agree I would be surprised if this game is not a shoot out. This will be an aerial attack from both sides. Good mix of running but I think this game will be won through the air. Only thing I wish is for our DBs to play the ball every now and then. I think they are so focused to stay toe to toe they dont think to look for the ball. A lot of times we are in better position than the WR.
  13. Penalties are a killer with us it seems. So are empty drives to the redzone to come up with 0 points. We have been playing decent but seem to still be missing a little something. Caddo Mills looks a lot like Gilmer. I've watched a few games and they looked pretty solid. I still think we are better, but we can't be looking past them. We will have to come out and play good clean football. This is the 4th round every game has to be played like it's for all the marbles. D has been playing much better this year for sure.
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