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  1. The link is still up on the website, but not 100% sure if they will broadcast it there. Maybe someone else can chime in on that one. I do know that ETEX provided a link on Twitter to watch the game live.
  2. Here we go fellas. It's finally Game Day! I can't wait to get this season started. It's going to be a tough game and both teams should come out learning a lot about themselves tonight. Hope everyone comes out with no injuries. Safe travels to all and Go BUX!!
  3. This is gonna be a tough game straight out of the gate. I am anxious to get the season started. A lot of new faces/new roles with some big shoes to fill.
  4. I'm not gonna look to much into the scrimmage. Most of the scrimmages we've had recently look about like last night. New QB and replacing some on that DF shows. I think we will be fine though, but we will find out soon enough when we open up with CH.
  5. Enjoyed the scrimmage. Seen some things that look good and other things that still need to be ironed out. All in all it wasn't bad. Gladewater will be alright this year.
  6. It's Game Day Buckeyes!! Fixing to head that way shortly..Safe travels to everyone today...Play Hard..Play Smart...And the Rest Will Follow...Good Luck Buckeyes!!! See yall there my friends.....GO BUX!!!
  7. DCTF has Gilmer as a 16 point favorite. Can't wait till Friday. It's gonna be a good game I believe and close to home as well.
  8. I'll probably be attending this game. Seen a couple of Van's games on film. Now it's time to check them out in person. Don't think this game will be that close. Van by several this week.
  9. You know people always say that, but truth is very few visitors even come close to fill that side. Most games only half is really utilized. Not many teams travel well that are in our normal lineup. Other than a few hype games that make there way there. Personally I would rather have our band on the home side.
  10. Yes sir that is what I would like to see for sure. Everyone get all the nerves worked out early, then go to work. Both teams should be fired up with something to prove and district on the line. Just wish PG visitor side was a little bigger. We are gonna be packed in there like sardines lol. Nice stadium though.
  11. Man I belive PG will keep it close for a little while, but I belive Gilmer will pull away in the second half. I do believe this will be a good game with a fun atmosphere. Food for thought. From what I can gather Gilmer leads the series between the 2 teams 9-6 looking for number 10. Last win over PG in 2020 with PG having five in a row from 2017-2019. Before that Gilmer won the previous 8 matchups between 2002-2016. PGs first win over Gilmer was in 2001.
  12. LE is not a team that you sleep on. They have plenty of speed and a good defense. I've watched couple games online and another one in person. They have struggled on O this year but have gotten better. I think this will be a good game to watch. What's gonna hurt LE the most I think is depth. Next question is they gonna load the box to defend the run or double up on the receivers. Lots of big play makers on this year's Gilmer team.
  13. Only thing is this is Yamboree week. A lot of the players are in the Queens coronation Wednesday/Thursday...Got the carnival going till midnight. Can't forget about the Queens ball Thursday where all the kids cut loose till like 1am. Parade Friday morning. Lots of distractions this week which will work in LE favor. Just hope we come out focused tomorrow and ready. We tend to have a few sluggish games during these times. I'm ready to watch a good game between the 2. If Gilmer plays clean it will be a good night, but if we do start sluggish it might keep the game a little closer than we would like. Either way GO BUX!!
  14. I agree that is what usually happens when we play SH these days.
  15. Haven't watched anything on SH this year. So I really don't know anything about this year's team other than what's being posted and scores. Before the week is up I'll check out a couple of yalls games that were more competitive. Got anyone good this year? We are looking for new recruits for next year lol....It will be a fun time on our side I'm sure. You know Gilmer is Gilmer...Buckeyes are coming.
  16. I figured as much since the other games were on there. Just didn't see anything officially posted. I think this game will be pretty good. LE seems to be on the uptick and Van looks pretty balanced from what I've watched. Appreciate the help fellas.
  17. What stream are you watching for the game tonight? This game looks interesting and wouldn't mind watching it as well.
  18. Carthage was well prepared for us. They executed a great game plan and completely shut down our O. Our Defense did all they could to keep us in that game. If we could have put together a few drives and gave our D a little breather would have been nice though. That kick off where 10 and 17 were switching was kind of funny. Kicker was like what do I need to do boss looking to the sideline lol.
  19. Game Day Buckeyes! Play hard, play smart, and the rest will follow. Safe travels to everyone going to the game tonight. I'll see yall there my friends. GO BUX!!!
  20. JV game was very entertaining, but the refs on the other hand....mehhh...That's another subject lol.. See we gave yall all the other games in trade for the JV win tonight and Gilmer Varsity Win tomorrow . We just forgot to mention it. Too late to back out now C-Dawgs. On the real side I'm praying for a good game and wanting to see an all out battle of 2 of the best in the division.
  21. That was a great game to attend. Felt like a Rollercoaster with the highs and lows. Second half Gilmer came alive and momentum shifted.
  22. Of course I am lol. Ill be dragging my crew and all the cowbells this week. Go watch the JV and Freshman tomorrow to help my anxiousness. Gotta love it.
  23. You and me both!! Been waiting for this game all year.
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