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  1. It would be a tough task to find a kid who works harder in the off season than Cooper. It’s impressive. He’s got a bright future.
  2. Should be a good game. A win for gladewater could go a long ways for this young team. They have definitely improved throughout the year, but that was expected with as many sophomores that are getting playing time.
  3. GW doing what they’ve done best all year. Get some momentum then have a drive full of mistakes leading to a turnover.
  4. Gladewater DLine is playing some good ball.
  5. Super Bowl against a team they have never lost to in over 40+ games? Interesting.
  6. What are your credentials to come out and say he’s a terrible coach? Lol. With the schedule they have and the amount of underclassmen getting meaningful playing time the record speaks for itself. Are there games that the Bears should’ve won or been more competitive in? Absolutely, but young teams are always going to make mistakes. This game should’ve been a blowout if onside kicks were recovered. Sabine had the better QB and had the more experienced team….. I guess your top notch coach got out coached by a “terrible” coach?
  7. Good luck rest of the way Sabine.
  8. Was 48-28 GW with 5 mins left now it’s anybody’s ball game lol
  9. Another quick score. It would be the most GW thing to do this year and blow a 20 point lead in 5 mins lol
  10. Sabine scores and recovers an onside kick. Still alive
  11. We’re real young. Next few years will be bright. Lots of freshman and sophomores on the field
  12. So glad we were able to watch halftime then it starts freezing up as soon as the game starts back
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