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  1. Seems to have some pretty good size on him. I agree we’re in good shape with Kolin at QB. Probably would be more explosive though with DJ and Kolin at WR.
  2. That’s what is being reported now
  3. 2023 GW Bear QB/WR Kollin Lewis picked up his first offer from UTSA. Excited to see him have a more expanded role in the Bears offense this upcoming season.
  4. Search option is a pretty cool tool. I’d go back and show you, but there’s just way too many instances lol.
  5. Yeah I’m sure Gladewater is the first program ever to have a Interim head coach and then hire from outside. I sure hope you guys come with some new material this year because it’s getting boring hearing about how Tatum is going to win district and beat GW just to get beat down by GW year after year.
  6. We got em already. Funny the guy from Tatum brings up coaching changes though.
  7. GW beating Tatum wouldn’t be the same without an excuse.
  8. Tatum will have to beat GW to win district and we all know how that usually goes.
  9. He’s not the top candidate for every power 5 opening. Freeze is headed to Auburn and more then likely he will be headed to Liberty.
  10. Always nice to see a Tatum fan bring GW into the mix. Y’all might have a shot this game since you’re not playing GW though. You won’t have to worry about losing to us until next year.
  11. Once again you show your envy for gladewater. Every fan I know showed up and congratulated MV on playing a great game. Idk what it is that you love so much about GW because anytime someone calls you out you become quiet as a church mouse. Straight clown is all you are. Don’t worry though, GW will be back to give Tatum their annual whoopin next year so get started on y’all’s lame excuses
  12. Just one is in his feelings and he’ll be gone after next year. Same #### for the last three years outta him. Nobody said anything about being rusty. We got beat simple as that. Troll on.
  13. Nope, season didn’t pan out how we wanted it too. I’ve wanted Jonny to lead our program for several years. Trying to blend some new scheme stuff in while carrying over what worked from previous years all in a shortened off season. GW will be back. Troll else where
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