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  1. There’s not a borderline contender in either district this year. He’s 100% right about his statement.
  2. We ain’t got a foot to shoot anymore after this year.
  3. Wouldn’t be the first one this year lol
  4. Somehow I missed that this game was on Thursday. I’ll get to check out the top secret new offense. Go bears!
  5. I think we had a pretty strong chance to make it to AT&T that year. Just didn’t convert the 2 pt to win it.
  6. Gotta work Friday but we’re gonna shake some things up offense 767 has been installed.
  7. Not much of a following from Potts on here so it is what it is.
  8. Says the guy who’s real good at disappearing
  9. sure would be nice to get some revenge from a few years back. That game still stings. Had a guy wide open on the 2 pt try to win it but QB got flushed out due to pressure.
  10. If you call 42-28 struggling then sure. If that’s struggling then what was Tatum barely squeaking by a rebuilding GW team? Better then an 0-10 season though for sure.
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