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  1. would've been the same result if the roles were reversed.
  2. how many more post before I'm considered a "true" bear fan? lol. I've watched a lot of terrible Bear football in my earlier years
  3. participation trophies are always nice.
  4. Hope that Lombardi trophy is getting shined up real nice.
  5. I've been here all week regardless, just stating the obvious. I'm sure the chatter will pick up around game day. Wish I could make it but hopefully I'll have a slow night where I can watch online.
  6. I'm still waiting to find out who called the defense great. I've already stated that I said I thought we would be good defensively and I was wrong. I was never a fan of the wing t, but any offense can be successful if executed.
  7. not too sure I've been at work nearly all season. Gonna try to watch it online this week.
  8. there hasn't been much football talk going on....
  9. what's there to talk about? We're lucky to just be able to take the field with almighty Tatum.
  10. Freshman qb and rb that have been on varsity all year played tonight
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