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  1. I think will be competitive in district as well.
  2. Definitely not down enough to think losing to WO is even an option. That ain’t happenin’
  3. All in good fun lol. I too like to stir the pot. Y’all have a good chance this year. Sabine is on the up and up…. Heck I’m even looking at buying a house in Sabine
  4. Here we go…. BC getting some confidence. I will literally LOL if Sabine can’t get it done this year. If they don’t, I don’t think they ever will.
  5. This comment would be spot on if the Bears were sitting at one win so far this year. The SH loss was bad…..
  6. Not disagreeing with anything you said but also don’t think SH is close to the same level of DF and MV. Both losses but GW moved the ball in both games with much more success.
  7. Only thing we have going for us right now is youth… hard to believe we won’t be improved later in the year. We were the more talented team last Friday. Execution was not there, hope the young bucks take it as a learning experience
  8. I’ll believe it when I see it happen lol
  9. Gonna be a rough season to get through. Should be pretty stout in the upcoming years though
  10. Good game SH, good luck rest of the way
  11. Nobody said we were good this year lol. Real young
  12. We’ll be more competitive this year but the following couple years… watch out. Still think we can surprise some folks once we get to district if the brutal pre season schedule doesn’t have the kids down and out
  13. That’s cute… a Sabine fan talkin bout pillow fights
  14. Playing 7-10 yards off and not getting beat over the top all night lol team is young though. Gonna be a fun few years.
  15. good game MV we can’t cover a slant to save our life
  16. Quick GW TD, 2 PT no good. MV leads 35-26
  17. Back to back drives where MV scores. GW gave up a 3rd & 18 on the first drive and a 4th & 12 on the next. Absolute killers.
  18. GW came out 2nd half playing. Quick score and forces 3 & out
  19. Tackling is pretty bad. 23 on MV is a stud
  20. Yep and he got the first down lol. Just realized he said vs. GW too lol. Put the booze down haha
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