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  1. No I’m saying that the bears made many crucial mistakes in the first half and were lucky to only be down 10. Do I need to break it down further for you?
  2. Yeah besides a couple they are an obnoxious bunch. I don’t see west beating MV though.
  3. You’ve been wrong on games all year. I came out and said MV put it to GW. Too many mistakes in the first half, we were lucky to be down 10. The fumble at the beginning of the second half put the nail in the coffin. Hopefully for Tatum they won’t get thrown in the same district as us because that’s about the only shot they’ll have at getting a district championship.
  4. Good game Mount Vernon. Gladewater not scoring on multiple possessions in the redzone in the first half and the fumble first play in second half was the icing on the cake. We weren’t ever equipped to come from behind on big leads. Best of luck the rest id the way.
  5. They come out like that and only win 21-10? Lol
  6. Yeah I was gonna say the same. Heck we didn’t even unleash DJ until this past week and people were making comments we needed to use him more lol.
  7. I don’t think #2 will follow 15 or even play defense the entire game.
  8. Good luck Carthage. Expect nothing less then y’all to advance and bring another one home to East Texas.
  9. We ran a half back pass from Lewis To Allen then split Allen and it at WR on two obvious passing downs. One was a fade to Allen for a TD and one was a fade to Lewis for a TD. Hadn’t seen Allen at WR since he was moved to QB.
  10. We don’t mention that lol. That’s when you know it really hurts!
  11. Yeah that was a silent drive back from sulphur springs lol. We had our TE wide open for the throwback but the pressure made our QB flush out and get rid of it on the 2 pt. The Celina one was pretty bad too. Both games pretty similar in we came out so flat early on, came back to tie it up just to lose at the end.
  12. We’re always pretty humble once it gets this far. We know we’re always just a little heartbreaker away from being out of it lmao.
  13. He played we just couldn’t get the ball in his hands at the early part of the season enough. We moved him to QB before the Kilgore game. He did line up at receiver a few times last week though and caught a TD pass in double coverage lol.
  14. Lol a below average Whitney team hung 30 on Mt. Vernon and it could’ve been more if they didn’t keep shooting themselves in the foot. Those purple sunglasses block out all that though.
  15. Should be a lot of points scored in this one. Both defenses have played well but they will go up against the best offenses they’ve seen in quite a while. Might come down to who has it last and the turnover differential.
  16. Sulphur Springs 7 o’clock on Friday. Might as well get this started. Rematch from last year. Should be a pretty good game. Taking GW by 1 lol
  17. Thanks for having us. We always enjoy our trip to Royse City. First class facility and people.
  18. Whitney drove up and down the field on MV in the first half. Had to settle for a FG once, fumbled on a 3rd down conversion, then ran out of time moving ball at end of half. MV wasn’t stopping Whitney, they were stopping themselves. They also gave MV an extra set of downs in the first half by jumping offsides when MV was going to punt. MV goes for it after penalty yardage was marked off and scored. Maybe it was just one of those games, but they did not look like all the hype surrounding them. They look like a product of their schedule. A good team who hasn’t played anyone with a pulse all year.
  19. Gilmer keeps rolling. Good luck to the other GTown
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