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  1. I think the only way this could go wrong for Tatum is if Tatum folks expect winning right off the bat. You'd think that it may take a year or two and give him the chance but sometimes not the case when you get a good coach to come in with a record like he has. Hope it all works out and Tatum is a yearly contender each year.
  2. Imo, it'd be one from 4a and above in East Texas. It's tough in the lower levels as some sports excel more than the other and also with talent each year, unless you are Brock.
  3. There's always great football when Teague is up and going. Will there be a whole new staff?
  4. Congratulations Teague! I'll agree with the poster above. Teague could start having sucess early. They were really young last year and showed some talent on last years team. I heard the lower levels have some talent coming up so that'll add to that. Hope he has sucess and can get Teague back to where they once were.
  5. That's understandable, I'd think everyone would want to win wherever they go. Just takes some time to get everything going, hope everyone gives him that.
  6. How/what are the reactions of the folks at tatum taking the new offensive scheme? It'll be different seeing Tatum in that for sure.
  7. We still here. Lol. Yes. Adair's assistant took over the reins and had a loaded team last year and 3/4 d1 players to that team So there's a lot of how we gonna look this season.
  8. Yes, had a lot of talent on that team. Really don't know with a new head baeball coach. His assist took over so just never know until they start playing.
  9. Maybe y'all can beat GW @GWBears01 with it if he chooses to use it lol
  10. You are always here. Lol I know that doesn't involve a Tatum person. Yep y'all have. Great job!
  11. Lol. Guess you can't take a joke tonight. Enjoy smashing those people!
  12. Can't tell them Tatum folks anything, been there and done that. Lol. Glad to see them come out from that rock they been hiding under.
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