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  1. @MattSteppcan you help out ol' @GWBears01get their game chat going up? He's ranting and raving everywhere.
  2. Yes sir. Was their mlb/olb and nose guard seniors last season? Both were pretty good. Yeah, we don't have any in district. We do play Salado this year. Don't know if they'll be run that or not with the new HC.
  3. I'll agree to that, sounds weird saying that. I doubt we'll ever play them again after last years game. Lol
  4. Pitt is/was a better team after that first week. We barely beat them. Lol Once they switched qbs they were a different team on offense.
  5. We been drinking y'alls kool aid from what y'all been saying. Lol.
  6. So you gotta reinstall the app to get the fatal error loading to not show up?
  7. This district will be very interesting and entertaining this season, more so than the past seasons.
  8. Yes it is and I get why jeepster was posting it and get it. I wasn't trying to down MV at all by the way. I know you guys got a good team this year, I may play around a little on here. But I save butt hurting the MV folk on the app. Lol. And yes I'm surprised Carthage hasn't thrown a fit about that yet. Lol
  9. Their gonna be some, trust me. I do hope y'all make it out of it and keep healthy. I know it's going to be tough.
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