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  1. Honestly, this is my opinion. If I were able to play football in these times. Why not go to college and get a degree and make money now while going, since you can now. Then develop as you go. I'd feel like players would need some type of development before going pro. Good concept though
  2. Who has the edge on defense? This is more so open to anyone to answer. I feel like Tatum's front 7 does but GW secondary has the edge there. More of a push, imo.
  3. Was the back up qb for rains a senior last season? He seemed to step up when they needed him
  4. With the amount of people both of you guys have coming back, to me a lot of people are looking at that and with some d1 players on the roster always help. Imo, I think the top 10/15 will be a roller coaster. I'll be honest and say I'm surprised to see us there with you guys in the top 5. Maybe it's just giving a program some respect to be that high.
  5. I may make a game after I see the scrimmage against us
  6. Not denying that but football is getting there as well. I'd say it's about equal. We have always had talent and been blessed.
  7. How'd I know one of y'all would throw that out there. Like clockwork. 12 straight year playoff run since coach D has been here and having a community backing them. Having a AD change the whole program to where every sport is a contender every year. That's our best bet. Not an easy road to get to
  8. Wait I forgot one, win district and beat GW and you can get the top bracket. That's probably your best bet.
  9. The toughest region 3 ever was in 2016. Teague, yoe, rockdale, koff, franklin
  10. I be one of them. Region 3 is no joke. If koff hadn't beat GV in the semi they would have gone to state. I'll say it. We have a thing of killing ourselves after a great game the week before. Yes MV beat us but we sure didn't help ourselves and then didn't run Langley our other back when we should have let duece rest because of his sprain.
  11. Well, get pass GV and koff and y'all could see the semis too. Until then don't know what to tell ya than get better, keep a coach, don't have young players, recruit the rest of the basketball team,
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