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  1. I was told it was DC by someone else. Misinformed I guess. I wasn't able to catch the game with work and no service of where I was at.
  2. Mexia has the talent there. Surprised to see this turn around every few years. I honestly thought myself that Abron would stay a few years, if not longer. You'd figure the community would want to get back on track like they were back in the day. Hope for the best this upcoming season.
  3. So is Tatum going to run the table in district this upcoming year? Should be a front runner with everyone coming back and some of the regions team taking a step back with new players stepping in
  4. First loss more than a run and from a 3a team this year. Congratulations BG. I'm sure Monday's game will be a good one.
  5. Yes sir it is, I'm sure he'll get more this season as well. He's got a great group of kids this year, one of them is his son. Only losses this season were to a couple of 5a schools and a 4a school in a tournament and those games were in extra innings or by a point. This is his second time to coach at Malakoff. He has always been a hell of a baseball coach wherever he went, glad he is back at koff. They should make a deep run.
  6. Crockett needs a defense, you can put any decent OC and do good with the talent.
  7. Just need maxi pad to make the nod to make sure it gets the finally approval.
  8. At the high school gym or Navarro gym?
  9. It's hopping up in here this morning
  10. Jeffy fans get mad? Nah, can't be true.
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