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  1. They still got the other dl and some other pieces to work with.
  2. Yep. If you didn't know, I believe he is the younger brother of Nathan Jones. Yes you are correct, Driskell has developed some good qbs in the past. Tennison will be scary good if he continues like he is by the time he'll be a senior. Our sophomore class has some good kids.
  3. Koff has a rb in Tennison or should be him starting. He was sharing the carries towards the end of the season when he was moved up to varsity. More concerned at the qb spot, which I'm assuming the JV qb will be taking over as a soph, which Tennison is as well. There's a few spots to replace on the o line but not a huge deal. Defense just have to replace 2 lbs and corner. Watkins had switched out the dl line thoughout last season. DC Watkins seems to find a good mlb when he needs one every year. He has done a good job on the front seven each year. Just an update for you
  4. I would just start getting ready for those dirty . We slow and young.
  5. Anything is possible. Those dirty birds were supposed to win district last season. I may gotten the name wrong now. Don't you Tatum folk go by something else now since the new HC came in?
  6. You talking about 1st week, right? Haven't you heard we are young and no experience. Cake walk.
  7. You know what I mean. It's not like we are starting over. Lol
  8. I think this will be a more competitive game than last time. This time it'll be the other way around with WR having more experience and with Koff having some young faces at key spots. That being at Qb and Rb and LB but the biggest factor will be the qb spot for koff. At rb, Tennison should be taking over and he's a mirror image of Duce and will be better than duce, imo. He will be a soph this season. I know WR is bring back a few players, didn't you guys lose the heavy rb? I know WR got some players with some speed. Kinda kept up with y'all last year but not like I usually do. It's to early for a score prediction for me but I'm going with koff. Driskell is 9-2 on season openers with the last two loses being from GV, both games being heart breakers.
  9. My man! At least you got a poll started. Lol
  10. Guess everyone is ready for some football. Lol. I got Tatum.
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