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  1. Maybe Finny wasn't crazy for making the move to Winny after all these years. Good luck to Winny tomorrow.
  2. If we did, at least we'd have some better games in region 3, and a better district. Yes. He'll probably be over the 140 mark when the season ends and that would be in 14 seasons. I could see him retiring at Koff, if he wanted too. Y'alls is doing good from taking over the reins. Almost looks better, imo.
  3. jv 46-0 koff Koff's jv has only allowed 2 points all season.
  4. Anything is possible. We finally got GW on the schedule. Don't know if we'll play Salado next time around.
  5. I don't think we've ever played each other. That would be a good game.
  6. Didn't Padilla have LRA ranked really high at one point?
  7. Brock, lorena, West put back in the top 10 Take out Breckenridge, Winny, and Llano Put Columbus at 2 spot and Brock in the top 5 MV is a top 10/15 team right now, if Bennett was playing I'd put them back in the top 5. If Winny beats MV this week. Put them in the top 10. Kinda surprising that Lorena, Brock, and West aren't in this but understand since it is by computer I believe.
  8. Mv/winny game for sure There be some good games but won't have the shine like this one above 3a Atl/sabine Woodville/coldspring Yoe/LRA Columbus/Hallettsville 4a Gilmer/pg Van/rusk Lindale/kilgore
  9. Glad to see the hater in the house.
  10. What is good to eat in Winny? Since I have the feeling that I will need to come earlier than usual.
  11. I wouldn't count out Potts just yet, btw I'm not a Potts fans by no means.
  12. Side note: Coach Driskell has a record of 134 wins 34 losts in 13.5 seasons He'll probably get over the 140 mark when this season is done. Averaging 10 wins a season and will make the playoffs this year, making that 14 straight playoff appearances. I know it's not something that's breaking the record books and that's not the point to this post. Driskell has built a good program while it being his first HC job ever. He has helped change the culture here as well not just for football/baseball but all sports. We are glad to have him and hope he stays as long as he wants.
  13. Player73 great post! Like I said in my earlier post, glad to see Teague getting better each year. I know a lot of people don't see it or think it due to the records but I've always watched you guys and thought that you guys were. You can tell especially this year with the new AD/HC. So that's a good hire by Teague. Good luck to you guys as well on Friday. Hope for no injuries.
  14. Yes sir. Shoulder injury. Out for the year. He is/was fun to watch. Heard they have a sophomore starting. Heard he was shifty and quick but haven't seen him yet.
  15. I was looking forward to at least the GB game towards the end but now I'm like nahhh.
  16. @GWBears01paid the refs before the game. Lol. It gets worse as the game goes on.
  17. Talk to the head stooge. I guess he thinks I'm gonna bend like nicky lol.
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