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  1. Could go pay the money they are wanting to watch it. That's an option. I honestly think it's hurting schools with the crowds but I will say MV has had the biggest crowd so far.
  2. It was like that with our game yesterday. I noticed it with the Gladewater game too.
  3. Yeah. Wasn't our day. Both had outstanding defenses. Should have capitalize on the turnovers deep into West territory but only got 1 out of two fgs with them. We hung in there to the very end. I feel for #4 on roughing the punter when we would get the ball back with about 2 minutes left in the game.
  4. I know they have a solid team. I've said it since mid-season they do. I think a lot of people haven't seen West yet. If West wnts to win, they'll have to pass more and make catches. That didn't help them yesterday.
  5. It's hard to cheer on a team when they are that arrogant. I know I've been arrogant towards them but it's for reasoning. D*mn shame too when MV has a solid team too. Liked them better in the Finny years. A lot more humble then.
  6. I got West. That defense is good. After seeing them the second time in a row, they got some talent. Well, coached team too. If they can get the passing game going they do good.
  7. That's a behind the woodshed beating in the 3rd round. Them and Lorena handled business
  8. Great game West, you guys got a good team. This was a great defensive game. You guys made the plays to win this game. To the tigers, you guys had a great season. This will be a tough one to get over but you guys played with a lot heart and made believers out of everyone this season given earlier this season. Next year we'll be young but with a lot of talent. We'll be back.
  9. 7-6 West Halftime Both defenses have been great today. Koff has had two int off of back to back series to start the game and has been leading West into punting the ball. Koff's gotta get some passes caught to help out on offense. Koff had one int deep into our territory that lead to a West score. Gonna come down to who has the least amount to turnovers and adjustments.
  10. 7-6 west West had a int. West 22 score on run 239 left in the half
  11. Game day! Everyone have a safe trip and enjoy this great day!
  12. Agreed. If koff puts Tennison and Hart in the backfield again. Watch out. Hart isn't the only one they'll have to worry about now. I'm still trying to figure out how fast West is, it's hard to judge by watching last nights game. #6 Wolf was really impressive.
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