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  1. Only problem with this top ten is that Daingerfield and Paul Pewitt would peter-roll West Rusk. West Rusk is a top 25 team for sure but no top ten.
  2. 14-21 points better is laughable. Just like your football IQ.
  3. Thats a dumass statement waskom caused both franklin fumbles with hard hits. Waskom fumbled on a mishandled handoff. What a ignorant comment.
  4. And yet he was still coaching while yall were done with football. He is still coaching all but one year he has been at waskom while Tatum posters are watching bball.
  5. Great season wildcats, most of the guys will be back to try again next year. Great game Franklin go give them hell next week.
  6. Tatum calling a coach who is in the semifinals play call dumb. Lol now thats funny.
  7. Looking like the weather is going to be horrible. Today would've been perfect though.
  8. Well that was a dumb statement that could be argued almost every year. Both years Waskom won state the semifinal games were tougher than the championship games.
  9. Could flip the top two, should be battle.
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