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  1. So we got a good coach and started winning. I know a WO supporter isn't talking trash with that 1910 state championship.
  2. One of the most ignorant post's I've ever seen lol. Every single program is bad until they're not. How good was Carthage before Surrat? Jealous chump
  3. I like how Gunter hit right on the dot to be the biggest 3ad2 school.
  4. Gotta go with PP by a couple tds. Troup isn't physical enough to win this one.
  5. West rusk is soft, Arp kept it close and Grand saline had them on the ropes. They're gonna get beat in the 3rd rd by a bunch if they make it out of the 2nd rd.
  6. A flying Wildcat with a stinger is scary enough
  7. Don't make Waskom and Ef join up and become the Harrison County Wild Jackets...
  8. Man Tulia could be second or out all together, competitive district.
  9. Waskom got our dream hire. Keeling and Kubiak are a great duo. Wouldn't trade them.
  10. He's a west rust fan. Dont call them soft or you're a bad person. You're also an idiot if you don't include west rusk in contention for this region lol. Dude must be a liberal.
  11. Saying a team is soft is talking down to kids? Lol you're a joke.
  12. Don't be mad West Rusk is soft, they are just taking after you.
  13. Yes the refs were a little much but it was both ways atleast. I think ef will be fine the first couple of rounds in the playoffs.
  14. You're talking foolishness and you know it. The real EF lost to Harmony.
  15. My Honest opinion is this region comes down to Waskom, Newton, and Daingerfield is my dark horse. If Daingerfield is healthy and plays a complete game they can beat anyone.
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