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  1. Dude have you not heard the comedian that does that bit about trash talking? Lol you are so silly. It was a joke but let me tell you that it would be the worst 5 minutes of your life since you want to get all serious.
  2. Hell I’ll fill up the hole waskom visitors stands with upper cuts Friday night. If you ever dream about touching me etf you better wake up and apologize.
  3. I’ll put you to sleep so quick you’ll think you’re back in kindergarten on one of those fold out mats.
  4. Lol I promise you couldn’t handle me in a corner
  5. I actually have close friends with special needs children and find the use of that word pretty repulsive. It’s expected from you tho. You will disappear after Friday night anyways.
  6. Lol we will run north, south, east and west. You will find out just how delusional you are.
  7. My thoughts exactly. If waskom holds on to the ball they win by 21.
  8. Yep it will be epic. An epic beating the Wildcats will be putting on those tiggers.
  9. Y’all were successful long long ago. My grandfather used to tell me bedtime stories about it. Now back to the present reAlity waskom 50 DF 27.
  10. It’s ok I’ve learned that DF fans are like kids that throw fits when they don’t get what they want. The problem is these kids haven’t gotten what they wanted in 20 years. This Friday they will have the visitors stands shaking with all the screaming and temper tantrums.
  11. You can’t stop our running game. Our defense line is faster than your o- line and meaner than a wet hen. You guys will score some points but it won’t be enough.
  12. We are the mighty Daingerfield Tigers! We are most talented team every time we step on the field! Haha Gtfoh! Our defense is going to have those pansies limping and crying to get off the field. Coach they are hitting us too hard! This isn’t fair we are more talented. Waskom 50 DF 27.
  13. Bahahaha lmao! On fire against ore city, New Diana, DeKalb, hahaha! You’re killing me smalls. You come into waskom roaring you leave with a whimper.
  14. Lol no need. After the beating they take Friday they will know their place.
  15. NB, guy has tattoos so he must be tough lol! Help me NB I’m scared
  16. Waskom holds on to the ball and beats DF by 21. DF is fast but they are soft Waskom is fast but they will also put the hat on that ! DF defense is Swiss cheese. The beating they are about to take is going to be laughable.
  17. Great game EF. Both teams had way to many turnovers. Wet field probably had a lot to do with the sloppy ball handling.
  18. Unless you got marshawn lynch coming to play tomorrow night y’all are getting beat handily.
  19. I know how old he is. You will take a beating in the next two games
  20. He threw those passes lol. Without him or if he was 13 they are mediocre
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