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  1. If I was 15 years old and supposed to be a sophomore in high school I would be ashamed to play against 13 yr olds. #1 is all EF 8th grade has and he is way to old to be in middle school.
  2. They will win state but they will give up more than 20. Probably more like 60-100
  3. Gunter ain’t bad. They played waskom tough 3 years in a row, they just happened to lose all three. I was glad to see them get a championship. I would venture to say tho that it’s a safe bet to say most years the sc will be from the east.
  4. No one has scored 35 on Waskom this year and no one has held them to 14. You are dreaming. Waskom 40 EF 7.
  5. Well I think their best player should be a sophomore this year. They still won’t beat Waskoms 8th grade
  6. 89 and I know each other lol. It’s fun smack talking tho.
  7. This is true. We are in a battle to get to Newton. It would be good for any team to keep it respectable when playing them.
  8. In the DF game yes. They did great. Never said they were bad they just aren’t as good as Waskom by a long stretch.
  9. lol also got beat by a mediocre white oak team, let ore city score 20 on them and had a very unimpressive win over the worst team in east Texas Queen City.
  10. I’ll be sure to repost all of these Saturday morning. EF is going to lose by a bunch. No chance they are more talented than last year at all. Their big back graduated, who was also great on defense, Chris still isn’t playing and he is the best athlete they have. Lost the #1 and 2 leading tacklers to graduation. Unless they did some fine recruiting my logic is sound. They won’t run the ball on Waskom. Waskom is giving up around 200 yds a game total and less than 120yds rushing. You put to much faith in a win over a Daingerfield team that has been subpar for over a decade and the nearly overcame a 27 point deficit to beat EF. Like I said reality is coming Friday night.
  11. Awe that’s cute. I know you love your team but reality sets in Friday night. Waskom has the far superior coaching, better athletes, and better program.
  12. Waskom has the same team with more experience than last year. EF is not as talented as they were last year. Waskom by 21+.
  13. Poor QC. What a horrible district for them to be in.
  14. No but they should. They are bragging about being 6-0 but deep in their hearts they know that Waskom dominated them. Two gifted tds and and only 7 offensive points.
  15. Waskom had more yards and kept y’all to less than 200 yds and 7 offensive points. Those are facts
  16. Y’all had one more point. Your offense only managed 7 points. Less than 200 yds. Waskom won in every aspect of the game except the one that mattered... the score. Too many turnovers to beat a decent team. Waskom was clearly the faster more physical team tho.
  17. Nah we were up on Elysian Fields 54 -6 with 3 minutes left in the half in 2013 and coach let his foot off the gas. Ended up being 60-12 or so.
  18. When is the last time y’all even won district?
  19. My team is better than yours, I speak the truth so I don’t give 2 ’s what you think. Go get back on your mommy’s tit.
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