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  1. Waskom EF Paul Pewitt Daingerfield That is how this District will finish.
  2. Good I’m glad your not 64. Had me feeling kinda guilty for smack talking ya
  3. Well rumor is wrong oldtimer and that’ll be the day. You can bait all you want but your team is garbage and has been for awhile.
  4. You could ref the game and it still wouldn’t be enough for y’all to win. Our JV could play y’all and we would still win by 2tds.
  5. Hell wouldn’t surprise me if New Diana beat y’all.
  6. I hear ya pops, doesn’t change the fact your team is garbage.
  7. Y’all will be playing Newton in Rd 1, but the score will be 56-0 Figs
  8. 63 years old and still hasn’t learned any manners. I’m glad my dad is more well behaved than this redneck old man. Sad just sad.
  9. I’ve never driven a limousine but I wouldn’t mind it. ETF just knows his team will get beat and he isn’t coming to see me because he doesn’t want the same fate.
  10. I got u LSU I’m always up for helping the elderly.
  11. That you don’t call people names just because you get butt hurt. Now that’s a name you can call me. Mr
  12. If you were man enough to come call me names in person I was just going to teach you a lesson. You are the one hiding behind your computer. You know who I am
  13. I take out a second mortgage every football season
  14. You can come watch. You didn’t call me any names. We just changed each other’s screen names and you turned out to be a pretty cool chap
  15. Good deal then. You won’t have trouble finding me.
  16. True I feel bad for the team that gets last in our district.
  17. Hey man you got my name, you know where I will be you can find out for yourself. I haven’t called you any names I’m just trying to find out if you like calling names over the net and hiding. I’ll be at the game and if you got the balls I got the time and place.
  18. Just make sure you come see me if you got the nuts
  19. Well congratulations to whoever wins district but they all go home first rd.
  20. Like I said boy watch your mouth. I don’t give a poop if you are scared or not. Come call me dipstick to my face when y’all get donkey stomped in Waskom. I’ll be sitting about 5 rows up on the 50 yd line. Tim Myers.
  21. Watch the name calling boy. Don’t let your alligator mouth overload that peanut behind.
  22. I’ll say whatever I feel. DF is a mediocre team and will get beat handily by Waskom. In fact I believe they finish district with 3 loses and get peter rolled by Newton in the first rd.
  23. I know that’s what you are praying for. Deep down you know the reality of what’s coming tho.
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