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  1. Oh that’s nice. Our JV or freshman class has never lost. They were undefeated in 7th, 8th and undefeated so far this year. Our current 7th and 8th grade teams are undefeated as well.
  2. Hell I thought I was watching slow mo when I watched DF. I thought maybe I was accidentally watching the JV truthfully.
  3. You are just clueless but you will find out. Our full back will truck all those pansies from DF and our tailback will leave their jockstraps all over the field. Our Qb will have them trying to figure out who has the ball as he steps into the end zone.
  4. Kid should be kicked off of the team period. It’s not even an argument.
  5. You guys are great against run based teams. It’s just passing teams that worry me for y’all that’s all.
  6. Nice win EF. Hmmm looking like it will be Between DF and PP. whoever loses that game could win the first rd woodshedding handed out by Newton.
  7. It’s New Diana. They know they gotta hide lol.
  8. Whoever pooped my post, let’s be clear # 5 for New Diana is a dirty player. He is a talented athlete but dirty all the same.
  9. Yeah grabbing a kids ankle on the ground and doing a gator roll is dangerous and thuggish. What’s worse is the refs pretending they didn’t see it.
  10. Same think happens to Waskom last night. #5 from ND grabs our backs ankle and when they are on the ground starts gator rolling. It was sick. Refs just acted like they didn’t see it.
  11. It’s laughable bc DF has done what lately? You guys are going to get peter-rolled by waskom and PP will finish 2nd. The best you guys can hope for is 3rd.
  12. This isn’t last century bud Waskom will sweep DF 7th thru Varsity.
  13. Lol, I’m a Waskom fan genius. I just know what EF has bc I have friends over there. I’ll be at the Waskom beatdown of DF if you want to talk football. Just ask anyone on the Waskom side for Tim and they will point the way.
  14. Yawn. The varsity is full of young kids. You must not be too sharp. Don’t worry Waskom is gonna fix y’all up real nice soon enough.
  15. Maybe when waskom plays newton but no beat down is coming anytime soon.
  16. DF better win this year bc the EF team is very young and they will be salty next year.
  17. If DF can’t win by 3 tds they take 3rd or 4th in district.
  18. The only thing Gilmer has a chance of winning is the coin flip. After that Newton is gonna take Gilmer behind the woodshed never to be seen again.
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