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  1. Yes. Last year he had a good tall outside receiver and a speedy little slot receiver. The quarterback had a strong arm. This years team will get better but they are very young..
  2. Yes they are having a down year. Lost all three linebackers, two starting receivers, the big power back and the QB. They will be good next year tho so this year is the time to get a good win.
  3. Newton would play Carthage close.
  4. Baring a catastrophic injury bug hitting Newton they cruise to an undefeated state championship.
  5. Whatever you say neuteredboy. Them steers going to the slaughterhouse next Friday.
  6. Lol you won’t feel so good about it at halftime of the game when the calf’s have about 20yds total offense.
  7. Daingerfield won’t get there. They might be the 4th best team in this region.
  8. Maybe they will. Waskoms Defense has given up two tds in 3 games, problem is the offense has given up 2 as well and the special teams gave up one tonight. Waskom will be hard to score on. Just gotta see if the offense can get on track.
  9. It was a good game. Both teams had miscues. Waskoms defense gave up nothing and Hughes Springs defense was really good too. Hard fought win. Nothing but respect to HS.
  10. I would be on but my son #1 from last year graduated. Don’t know much about this years team.
  11. Can’t wait for the game. Glad the ponies are back on the schedule. We had a pretty good rivalry going.
  12. They just give them all white mouthpieces so it don’t matter lol
  13. Lol.. yeah they will be getting a lot of out of town business from the Hughes Springs fan base.
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