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  1. I didn’t think it would be this close, bulldogs gave Mali all they wanted. Mali is a tough second round draw. No need to hang your head, dogs showed up for sure!
  2. All y’all talk about are the fans how bout some X’s and O’s Smh
  3. Figurged that would have been the red birds, that’s a pretty stout o and D line y’all have.
  4. Yea we’ve figured some things out like tatum is a young team again lol
  5. Nope I really was on here before we faced 8 and 0 saying I think we figured some stuff out
  6. Nope sitting in a deer stand I’ve plenty of time now.
  7. No just have other things to do like a job than to camp out here and gossip all day
  8. No they finally opened up the playbook and throwing the ball a little and quit handing off straight up the middle on 3rd and 12. They have also figured out 6 is the best qb and 12 is s beast at receiver. So many play makers and found a way to get em on the field at the same time or rotate
  9. Been all over town haven’t seen the first sign. If their feelers are all leaking over a sign it’s gonna be a long night
  10. They’re undefeated for a reason should be a good game!
  11. Gw has really improved the last couple weeks with the offensive shake up. Don’t count them cardinal eggs before they hatch
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