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  1. This one’s over! China Spring is outmatched! Maybe the next game will be good!
  2. Never mind I said Carthage by 28 earlier then I said 40 I’m gonna go with a cool 60 now! It is over!
  3. I’m so tired of seeing Carthage in this damn game every year! It’s not like it’s a mystery who’s going to win this game!
  4. Hawley looked like a team that should be in a bigger classification. I think they would have done very well in 3A.
  5. The Carthage announcers are the biggest homers I’ve ever heard! How dare another team actually make a positive play on them! Insane!
  6. Glen Rose 31 Carthage 27 The football God has spoken!!!
  7. If Anna‘s running back is healthy I say China Spring in a close game if Anna‘s running back can’t go to China Spring by 21 or more.
  8. I like Pleasant Grove Junior Timpson to win this one big!
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