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  1. If Anna‘s running back is healthy I say China Spring in a close game if Anna‘s running back can’t go to China Spring by 21 or more.
  2. I like Pleasant Grove Junior Timpson to win this one big!
  3. Aubrey 24 Pleasant Grove 20
  4. Not sure if it’s true or not but I heard Anna was missing their best player. I know Celina has several injuries but you still just got to find a way to win.
  5. Hopefully you guys don’t take me seriously on some of those! Got to have a little fun sometimes!
  6. I want Celina to win but with all the injuries and Anna looks really good I just don’t see them beating them. Hope I’m wrong.
  7. Caddo Mills should’ve won this game but the rest stole it from them!
  8. Anna 33 Stephenville 32 final
  9. Thanks! What game are you guys going to watch Tonight?
  10. Caddo Mills 37 Pleasant Grove 27 The football God has spoken!
  11. VanAlstyne ends Carthage season Friday night!
  12. I hope Celina plays Anna again. The bobcats played terrible against them! I think Celina can get them second time around if they play like they can.
  13. Add to my new analysis of film and studying I have revamped my final score of this game! Van Alstyne 37 Cqrthge 19 The football God has spoken!
  14. Cushing 36 Mart 34 The football God has spoken!
  15. After watching film the football God has a different score prediction! Van Alstyne 44 Carthage 20
  16. Van Alstyne will beat them this week!
  17. Van Alstyne will end Carthage season next week.
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