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  1. Nope never again I’m never picking against Gilmer! buckeyes win state too many athletes!
  2. OK I was just wondering because he didn’t play last game so I didn’t know what he had injured
  3. Shiner well run away with it in the second half to physical like I said days ago!
  4. Brock will blow it open in the 2nd half.
  5. I was just joking it always seems like every realignment they were right at the top of 5A and never got moved up ever!
  6. So the cut off for 5A D1 is 2224. I assume that’s how many students Highland Park has?
  7. So Highland Park turned in 2224 and are 5A D1.
  8. I’ll take my beating if I’m wrong! The Caddo Mills thing was a complete joke! With that said Caddo Mills had almost 500 yards passing against the black flag defense!Of course I wasn’t serious about them beating Gilmer! but I am serious about Celina putting it on Gilmer.
  9. Celina 48 Gilmer 19 why this score? It’s because Celina is better! All you East Texas homers are about to find out Friday night! Going to be a long ride back to East Texas!
  10. That was what seven years ago? I’m telling you Gilmer is going to get run out of the building Friday. It’s going to be a long drive back to East Texas!
  11. It’s not going matter this week! Celina wins this game big!
  12. Gilmer gave up almost 300 yards rushing to Pleasant Grove!!
  13. Going to be a whole different animal this Friday. Celina by at least 3 TDs. Great quarterback but he will be running for his life!!
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