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  1. Speaking of the last time Celina was in the state game. If they don’t lose that quarterback on the first drive I really think they would’ve handled WOS. To me the Gilmer team they played the week before was better than WOS IMOP.Celina would have not beat Gilmer the week before without there starting quarterback.Injuries are part of the game though so it is what it is.
  2. They Will add 7A then Highland Park Will be 5A D-1 by one student then the UIL will work the numbers from there.
  3. Have a feeling the bobcats will win this time.After this season will they play again? Argyle will definitely be moving up to 5A but I guess we will see if they continue the rivalry.
  4. The bottom number of 6A will be one more then how many students Highland Park has.
  5. Argyle will be 5A after next year.Will be interesting how they do in 5A.
  6. I’ll take Carthage over Argyle and give 21 points and I still think Carthage covers easy!
  7. I think Ryan gets the win. I seriously wonder how Carthage would Match up against both these teams? I know they’re smaller but damn Carthage was really good this year!
  8. Nobody in 4A is even close to Carthage this year. I think Argyle is the 2nd best team in 4A but Carthage is on another level! Seriously any Argyle fan that thinks they could beat or even hang with Carthage needs to put the kool-Aid away! It is what it is!
  9. I would not be shocked if it’s Gilmer vs Carthage in the state game next year.
  10. Argyle should be happy they are in D1! I don’t think there is a team in 4A D1 or D2 that can even come close to Carthage! Hell they might win 5A D2!
  11. All right I’ll ask again! Could Carthage win 5A-D2? Anyone thinks that Argyle can hang with them are dreaming!
  12. The Carthage O-Line Looks like a college offense O- line! Crazy size for a small school!Looks like a college offense of line! Crazy size for a small school!
  13. Argyle has a good team but Carthage would beat them Pretty easily in my opinion. This Carthage team is not a normal every year 4A football team! It’s just another level that you don’t usually see in 4A!
  14. 42-14 Carthage! Told you they would score again! My question is now could Carthage win 5A D-2?
  15. 3 and out Gilmer. The question is will Carthage put another one on the board before half? I’m going to go on a huge limb and say yes!
  16. At this point I think Carthage can name the score! Crazy to say that as good a team as gilmer is!
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