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  1. Jim Ned is really good.This game could go either way.
  2. Lindale with that stud RB I think they have a chance for sure! They obviously are pretty good to since they are here in the state game!
  3. Do I have to put in my credit card information? I don’t want to be charged $80 just to watch one game. I’m assuming you can cancel before the seven days and not pay anything?
  4. Yeah I don’t see the mart game being broadcast tonight.Is there any other options?
  5. It doesn’t look like the game tonight is not on Fox sports South West. It shows games on for all of tomorrow and the days after that.
  6. Are the state games starting tonight with mart going to be on Fox sports South West? I don’t see it anywhere
  7. No just like rewatching some of the classics
  8. Is there somewhere to get copies of old state games?90s-2010
  9. Okay thanks.I think Argyle should have no problem tonight if they just Play their game.
  10. No Argyle stream tonight? NFHS says Paris vs Canyon tomorrow night???WTH?
  11. Wimberley 27 Carthage 24 The football God has spoken!
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