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  1. Carthage season ends tonight!
  2. Greenwood will win this game tonight.PG wont know what hit them!
  3. I think Lampasas beats Carthage and Pleasant Grove will get beat by Greenwood tonight!
  4. Lampasas will beat Carthage tonight!! This will happen!
  5. Iโ€™m seasoning the crow for all newton fans right now. Remember thereโ€™s still a second I have to play
  6. Everyone join me around 6pm tonight so I can spoon feed crow to all Newton fans.I will have free Tissues as well!
  7. This game will get ugly.Mason is a complete team.They have played much better competition.
  8. No disrespect to either of these teams but why is Mason ranked number one and mart ranked number two?Mart is by far the best team in 2A!They have insane amount of athletes for a small school!
  9. La Vega was better than Argyle.If they had there stud RB the first time they played La. Vega would have won that one to.Argyle got dominated last week
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