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  1. I don’t think it matters if they play Carthage or Library Hill they will have have no problem with either one.It will be closer than this game tho lol
  2. 7-0 La Vega I feel a beating for Argyle coming.La Vega looks like grown men
  3. I was thinking about that today and you might be right.They would definitely be in some tight games they might could do it.Now as for 4A D-1 definitely no.They are an unbelievable good team at the 3A level
  4. Honestly will either of these teams have a close game in the playoffs including the state championship? Maybe Gunter or Canadian has a slim chance against Newton? I see no one touching mart in 2A.What do you guys think?Mart has so many athletes for a 2A school so Dose Newton
  5. This won’t be a Popular pic on here. Highland Park wins this game handily
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