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  1. 3 and out Paris 7 minuets left not looking good
  2. Paris always has so many dumb penalties
  3. I paid money for this and now nothing
  4. Definitely rooting for Celina’s Neighbor up north
  5. I hear you I think Celina is playing so much better now.Will they beat Argyle probably not but it’s fun to pick an upset.I do believe Liberty Hill will definitely come out from the other side of the bracket. No disrespect to Carthage you will see
  6. I’m hoping Paris wins but man La Vega is just a beast!I hope I’m wrong and I want to see Paris win.Paris played in the best district in 4A.Still 3 out of 4 playoff teams left.Injuries hurt Melissa a lot
  7. I think Paris is a very good team but I just think tonight they are playing a team on a different level.I have a feeling this game might get ugly
  8. I would love to see Paris win but honestly I think La Vega wins by a wide margin. La Vega -54 Paris-20
  9. From what I’ve seen it’s night and day the difference.They are always well coached and play hard.I just have a feeling about this game.
  10. I just have a feeling about this game. Yes I have said Argyle is the best and will win it all.I just have a feeling Celina will keep it close and have a chance to steal it.I know call me crazy but I just do
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