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  1. They were for a long time. Housing boom might bring them back soon.
  2. Next time just listen to me. Cougars taking state this year.
  3. I liked it back when they would choose random stadiums to play the championships in. I remember old Baylor Stadium and Waco ISD holding several. Traffic around AT&T is horrible.
  4. Probably not so well. I just had to razz the guy a little. No ill will from me. I actually like and respect Carthage a great deal and check every Saturday morning to see if they won.
  5. I don't have a dog in this fight. Just my prediction of the outcome. I could be way off. I just want to see a good and injury-free game for both teams. I am going to try to make it in person this time versus watching online, if I can get away in time that day. I had to miss the 2016 game and had to watch it online.
  6. You think I want our biggest rival to win? Did you really type that? And I like how you added "more often than not" at the end so I couldn't remind you of that 39-3 beatdown. Whoops.
  7. Looks like people are still sleeping on China Spring so I'll pick them again.
  8. Game is in Bastrop, but sure how the ticket situation is unfolding. If you can't get one, I think Texan Live is streaming it and @portlavacawave will stream it.
  9. That's a lot of confidence right there. La Vega hasn't lost a game by 17 points since November 14, 2014. Anything is possible though. Props to WOS, they are a storied program and I'm excited for this game...win or lose.
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