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  1. DeKalb ISD is looking for a 8th grade football game on September 9th. Contact Drew Grider if you are interested 903 799 9257 Thanks!
  2. Any of yall open and looking for a game on the 9th?
  3. Any of yall open the 9th and need a game?
  4. Any of yall open the 9th and need a game?
  5. Linden-Kildare is looking for a game for October 9th. We are a 2A and don't mind traveling within reason. We would also like to find a jr high game for Oct. 8th. Contact Number 9037999257
  6. Linden-Kildare is looking for a track meet for the last week of February. If you you have an opening call or text Drew Grider 9037999257
  7. I think Hughes Springs is going to pound it down their throat. Jefferson may score on them but they wont stop HS. This will be a fun game!!
  8. I think Pine tree wins. I sure wish MT Pleasant can get it going.
  9. New Boston is much improved however, ATL rolls
  10. I can see this one going either way. Im taking PG this year. FULL TILT
  11. Both are struggling. This could go either way. LK seems like they should have the momentum in their favor. However, when 22 is on the field Garrison is always dangerous.
  12. I think DeKalb was about 6 or 7 away from dropping.
  13. PG should take this one pretty easy. It will be December before they are tested.
  14. Atlanta dropped and showed out but they have a tough first round draw! I would like to see this one.
  15. I don't think so but it could still be a good game!
  16. I think the only way they avoid Newton is if EF beats DeKalb by 18.
  17. Owen can do it. Good athlete, much better person. Kids like him don't come around very often.
  18. Coach Simmons who is at LK has a state champ as an OC with the Atlanta rabbits.
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