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  1. Small chance i here #5. Returns very small but hope
  2. Word is #5 for Gilmer could be back this week. Has been running and working out
  3. Does rebound with a big win on Senior night?
  4. Gilmer was 4-6 last year and blew Undefeated Sunnyvale first round last year. They play no one
  5. Good game PG. gilmer clean up turnovers
  6. All I here is how good PG defensive line is. Well Gilmer has a pretty good one also!!!! I expect a lot of pressure on PG quarterback as well
  7. Well here is the one a lot of people have been looking forward to. Can Gilmer score on the P G defense and can Gilmer slow down the PG offense
  8. You definitely can’t take Spring Hill for granted. Good athletes and great coaches
  9. I do think Spring Hill has a good quarterback and receivers but can their o line protect against Gilmer’s d line?
  10. Will the Gilmer defense be able to stop Spring Hill’s offense ?
  11. Will the Buckeyes get the offense going this week?
  12. Buckeyes defense is much improved. We must get a better start and quit getting in a hole early!!!! If we can do that I believe we can win
  13. Parking is jacked up due to construction of new school. Earlier the better. They do have shuttles running if you have to park towards the square
  14. Will Paris spoil Gilmer’s Homecoming or do the Buckeyes have a chance ? What’s your thoughts ?
  15. Well will this one be as close as last year?
  16. I think it’s a very talented group
  17. There is no doubt in my mind this Gilmer team will be better. Defensive line is big and physical led by a D 1 commit and the o line returned 4 who are older and more experienced. A lot of energy at practice so far led by great group of seniors. I think they can be very good
  18. Says 90% chance of rain Friday evening with severe thunderstorms on weather channel
  19. Gilmer has not been healthy with everyone playing all year. We got some kids back over last 2 weeks and get 2 more back this week. This should be the best team we’ve suited up all year
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